Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Loading Screen Tips

Here you can find all text from the bottom of loading screens in one convenient location.

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Control Scheme

  • Normal melee attack on [Attack keybind], hold [Attack keybind] for a Charged attack.
  • Hold [Attack keybind] for a charged Melee attack.
  • Use [Attack keybind] for normal ranged attack and [Defend/Charge/Zoom keybind] for alternate fire when using a ranged weapon.
  • Switch to your ranged weapon by pressing the [Weapon Quick Swap keybind] button.
  • Block attacks by holding [Defend/Charge/Zoom keybind]. While blocking, push with [Attack keybind]. Useful when being surrounded.
  • Dodge enemy attacks by pressing [Jump/Dodge keybind] while moving backwards or to the sides.
  • Press [Tag keybind] to tag items/enemies.
  • Lords, Bosses, Specials and Elite enemies can be highlighted by using the Tag key [Tag keybind].
  • Press [Inspect Weapon keybind] to inspect your weapon.
  • Press [Inspect Character keybind] to inspect your hero.

Taal’s Horn Keep & Completing Missions

  • Training Dummies can be found in the Keep. Experiment with the different variants to measure your strength. 
  • In the Cosmetics view you can customize your characters appearance. 
  • Try visiting the Forge once in a while to get rid of old items and craft new powerful ones. 
  • You can salvage most equipment items for crafting materials at the Forge. 
  • You can craft, salvage and upgrade items at the Forge. 
  • Any player can start the vote for a new mission through the Play interface. 
  • Heroic Deeds is available in the Play menu and offer new ways to challenge yourself. You can share them with your party. 
  • If a player is displaying toxic behavior you can consider initializing a vote to kick them from the game. 
  • When you have completed your Mission Objective, look for a Waystone to get back to the Keep. 
  • Olesya uses magic to transport heroes via the waystones connecting to the keep. 
  • Open chests in the Spoils of War menu. Chests are gained through completing missions or as bonuses for other objectives. 
  • You will be awarded with better equipment for completing missions at higher difficulties. 
  • Tomes contain important pieces of information and will improve your odds when receiving mission rewards. 

Hero Information

  • Hero Power boosts the performance of your weapon, this affects staggers, damage output and in some cases, number of enemies hit. 
  • Each Hero Career has its own strengths, experiment with different Careers to discover your favorite playstyle. 
  • Each Career has its own Skill, the purple bar above your health indicates when it’s ready to use. 
  • Buffs and harmful effects are shown near your character portrait, some are prioritized to display above your crosshair when they appear. 
  • Temporary health is displayed white on your health bar. Talents and Career Skills can grant this health but it will diminish over time. 
  • Characters unlock a talent point on levels 5, 10, 15 and 25. Talents can be changed in the keep. 
  • Gaining character levels grants a Commendation Chest, these chests do not use Power limitations like some difficulty levels do. 
  • Equippable items of higher rarities come with Properties that passively boost your combat prowess. 
  • Man Sized Enemies does not include the largest foes like Chaos Warriors and Bosses. 
  • Traits exist on items of exotic or higher rarity. These are powerful boosts to specific actions. Traits unlike properties have predetermined values. 

Tools of the Trade

  • There are powerful equipment pickups to look for while on adventures, such as potions, healing supplies bombs and more. 
  • Consuming a Potion of Strength yields additional damage and armour penetration on attacks for a brief period of time. 
  • A Potion of Speed affects your movement and attack speed. 
  • The purple Potion of Concentration increases the rate at which your Career Skill refreshes. 
  • Grenades are scarce but powerful tools. Use them wisely. 
  • Incendiary bombs leave a lingering fire patch on the ground damaging enemies that walk through it. 

Combat Basics

  • Stay together or die alone. 
  • Veteran tip: Don’t get surrounded. 
  • Pushing enemies is very effective when you are surounded. 
  • Pushing enemies will force them to focus their attention towards you. 
  • Blocking is more efficient when facing towards enemies. Weapons have tooltips for Block Arcs that indicate their most effective angle. 
  • When fatigued, you can’t use Push or Block. 
  • Ranged weapons are less effective when hitting enemies far away. Long distance weapons have less of a penalty. 
  • Some of the more powerful ranged weapons can pierce through enemies. 
  • Playing on Champion or Legend enables friendly fire. Allies will take damage when you hit them with ranged weapons and explosives. 
  • Be careful when casting spells. Overuse the Winds of Magic and you will become Overcharged and explode! 
  • Taking damage while carrying explosive barrels or lamp oil will ignite the fuse. 
  • Enemies will be alerted to your presence if you make a lot of noise or come close enough. 
  • Top right is an action feed, you can use it to confirm when dangerous enemies are slain. 
  • Watch for the shield indication when hitting armoured enemies, charged melee attacks penetrate armour. 
  • Use heavy weapons or go for the head when facing armoured enemies. 
  • Most enemies have a weak spot indicated by the orange hit marker, exploit these to more efficiently dispatch of your foes. 
  • Shielded enemies will block your attacks, try pushing them to create an opening. 
  • Some special enemies and bosses use attacks that cover large areas, avoid standing in them. 
  • Bosses sometimes use attacks that will deal damage through your block, try to dodge them instead. 
  • Beware of your surroundings when fighting bosses, they can knock you back or even grab you. 

Enemies of the Empire

  • The Packmaster will drag you away from your allies. Take him out quickly! 
  • Kill the Pack Master quickly, before someone is captured and left hanging on his polearm. 
  • Gutter Runners will pounce on heroes when they least expect it. It’s dangerous to go alone. 
  • Gutter Runners employ smoke bombs to mask their escape. Make sure they are dead before moving on. 
  • Beware the Poison Wind of the Globadiers. 
  • If a Ratling gunner targets you, run for cover and let your allies deal with him. 
  • Ratling Gunners will damage anyone between them and their target. 
  • The Warpfire Thrower sprays fire on his target. Try to keep your distance and take him out at range. 
  • If you see a Sack Rat, ignore the plight of the rest of your team and greedily charge for it. Extra loot awaits! 
  • Berserker enemies include Plague Monks and Chaos Savages. They unleash a flurry of attacks. Blocking is effective. 
  • Chaos Maulers wield giant two-handed axes, dodge or block their attacks or risk taking heavy damage. 
  • Chaos Warriors are clad in magical armour that negates most attacks. Use armour piercing attacks to damage them. 
  • The Chaos Blightstormer conjures a violent vortex that will drag and catapult any player or enemy that gets close. 
  • The Chaos Lifeleech will try to get close enough to ensnare you with his magic. Keep an eye on where he teleports. 
  • A well timed dodge can prevent you being grabbed by Lifeleeches, Pack Masters or pounced by Gutter Runners. 
  • Stormfiends have thick armour all over, on their back is a controlling Pack Master that is vulnerable. 
  • The Bile Troll has powerful digestive acid that it uses as a weapon. Avoid getting covered or standing inside it. 
  • The Chaos Spawn is a fast tentacle monster, it will grab those too close and take a bite to regain health.
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