Rainbow Six Siege – How to Play Blitz

This guide will help provide tips, strategies and loadout details for the operator Blitz.

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All credit goes to Dragonbob!

Hello everyone, in this guide I will be explaining the best ways to play blitz, what equipment you should use, and strategies for various situations.

Blitz is an excellent operator for most 1v1 situations. If used properly blitz can win most encounters both close and long range.


Here obviously you have your flash shield and pistol. You will need to put a laser sight on your pistol, this is absolutly necessary for most mid to long range encounters. Your grenade slot depends on if you are going solo or with a squad. If you are solo you should pick the breaching charges whereas if you are in a squad you should choose the smoke greanades, as they can help with getting into the objective room (just make sure at least one person on your squad has breaching charges.

Close Range Engagements

Close range engagements require you to act quickly, when the enemy is very close to you your shield will not be big enough to stop them from shooting your sides. They can also meele your shield, which will knock it aside and stun you for several seconds. To prevent this you should flash them the second they get in range (a few meters, don’t know the exact range) but flashing them isn’t enough. Once flashed they will most likely blindly fire at where you were which can still damage you, so when you flash them move backwards and to the left or right, wait for them to run out of ammo or stop shooting, and finish them off. (remember: the farther you are the more protection your shield offers).

Mid to Long Range Engagements

In a mid or long range engagement you have two choices: close the distance or get a headshot, this is where your laser sight comes into play. If the enemy is shooting at you wait for them to stop, when they stop they will either stand still, retreat, throw a nitro cell, or keep strafing. If they retreat shoot them in the back, if they strafe close the distance and flash them, if they stand still aim your laser directly on their head then quickly aim down sights and headshot them, and if they throw a nitro cell aim your shield at the cell to reduce the damage.

Tips & Tricks

  • Crouch when fighting the enemy, standing exposes your legs to enemy fire. 
  • Travel with a teammate, they will help prevent flanks and kill enemies while you distract them. 
  • If you are about to enter a corridor where you turn you back on a room or hallway drone first so you don’t get shot from behind. 
  • Mute jammers prevent you from using your flash shield, so before entering the objective destroy the mute jammers so you can flash if an enemy rushes you. 
  • Dont get kill hungry take your time and aim for the head or you will most likely be killed, you don’t have the firepower to aim for the body. 
  • Never try to win a 2v1 situation if you are the one outnumbered, you will die 8/10 times. Retreat and either flank or get help from your team 
  • Also, you are very loud when sprinting, so only sprint where you know you are safe.
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