The Elder Scrolls: Legends – Caius’ Training Puzzle Hints & Solutions

Are you struggling with one of the puzzles in Caius’ Training, but you do not want to miss the sense of accomplishment when finding the solution yourself? This guide contains hints that will help you find the solution without giving away everything. It also has precise walkthroughs if you prefer to get the solution up front.


The Houses of Morrowind-Expansion saw the release of an all-new puzzle mode, with every player having access to the first set, Caius’ Training. Since puzzles offer card packs as rewards, this means that each player is given five Morrowind boosters for free – if they can complete Caius’ challenges, and some of them are quite tricky. This guide will help you to claim your free rewards, but if you you prefer to find the solutions yourself, it also contains incremental hints that will point you the right way if your are stuck somewhere. Good luck and enjoy your rewards!

Please note that this guide only contains hints and solutions for Caius’ Training. It does not contain anything about the other two sets of puzzles, since I have not played them and I am afraid that I do not intend to purchase them.

1. Redoran Initiation

In this puzzle, players are introduced to the Rally-mechanic and how to make the most of it.

  1. Hint: The goal here is to rally the Ald’ruhn Arms Master twice so it can finish of your foe. Sounds easy enough, right? 
  2. Hint: There is one catch though: Rally always affects a random creature in your hand.
    You need to find a way to ensure it affects the Ald’ruhn Arms Master. 
  3. Hint: Luckily, you can do just that by making sure there is only one creature in your hand. 

Solution: Play all four Sarethi Scions (doesn’t matter where), attack the Mummy with your Warclaw Mercenaries, then summon the Ald’ruhn Arms Master to the right lane and hit face.

2. Dagoth Initiation

This puzzles introduces players to the “connect five”-mechanic of House Dagoth.

  1. Hint: In this puzzle, you are limited by your available Magicka. You can’t play all the cards,
    so most cards in your hand are red herings. 
  2. Hint: You need to get past the left Blacksap Protector to hit your opponent with the Orc Clan Captain. 
  3. Hint: You will also need to increase the Captain’s power, so playing Hidden Trail is a must. 
  4. Hint: However, now you don’t have enough magicka to play Hand of Dagoth to trigger your Ash Piercer. You need to find a different way to use it. 
  5. Hint: What you may not know: Ash Piercer can trigger itself if you can get its power to 5. Luckily, you already have the tools to do just that. 

Solution: Play Hidden Trail, summon Ash Piercer to the left lane and kill the Blacksap Protector with its ability, then hit face with the Orc Clan Captain.

3. Hlaalu Initiation

In this puzzle, players take their first steps towards plotting the perfect victory.

  1. Hint: In this puzzle, the question is not which cards top play – you will need them all.
    Instead, the correct sequence is key. 
  2. Hint: The Lower Canton Smith could help you power up your Dren Bodyguard to deal 8 damage … if you can get past the Giant somehow. 
  3. Hint: If you are new to Elder Scrolls Legends, you may not know that Archer’s Gambit can instantly kill enemy creatures if the creature it moves has Lethal. Use this to get past the Giant! 
  4. Hint: You need to play a card to trigger Twin Lamps Consul’s Plot to give it Lethal. The key is to figure out which card to play first. 
  5. Hint: Remember that you have enough mana to play everything. You don’t need Glass Greaves’ Plot-ability.

Solution: Play Glass Greaves on your Dren Bodyguard, play Twin Lamps consul anywhere and move it with Archer’s Gambit to instantly kill the left Giant. Now Play Lower Canton Smith and give the Scimitar to the Bodyguard and hit face.

4. Telvanni Initiation

Who needs loyality anyway? In this puzzle, players learn how to properly Betray their own creatures to secure the win.

  1. Hint: It should be obvious that Wild Clumisness is a red herring. You won’t need it. 
  2. Hint: This leaves us with Blood Sacrament and Drain Blood, and our creatures will help us copy both of them. 
  3. Hint: The key to mastering Betray is knowing when a creature has outlived its usefullness.
    Do not sacrifice your minions while they can still deal damage to your opponent. 
  4. Hint: However, once your creatures have attacked, there is no reason not to Betray them. 
  5. Hint: You need to get past both enemy creatures to deal damage with Redoran Enforcer, but the Young Mammoth has Breakthrough, so it can just walk over smaller enemies … 

Solution: Hit the skeleton with your Mammoth, then play Betray it with Drain Blood to kill the dragon. Hit face with the Enforcer, then betray it for your Blood Sacrament.

5. Tribunal Initiation

In this simple trial, players will achieve their first Exalted victory.

  1. Hint: Your goal is simple enough: Use Orvas’ Bargain to power up your Pilgrim, get past the Guards and hit face. 
  2. Hint: The creatures in your hand can also help you get past the Guards. You will need them both. 
  3. Hint: Note that Grand Inquisitor can only kill creatures with less power than him, i.e.
    1 or 0. 

Solution: Use Orvas’ Bargain to weaken the Colovian Trooper and strenghten your Pilgrim.
Exalt your Ghostgate Defender to get rid of the Protector of the Innocent, use the Inquisitor to kill the weakened Trooper, then hit face with your Pilgrim.

6. Redoran Mastery

This is where things get interesting. This puzzle is quite complicated and you may need to do a lot of math to complete it.

  1. Hint: Don’t worry about your maximum Magicka – you have more than enough to perform every single action in every concievable order. Instead, forcus on the right sequence of actions. 
  2. Hint: You will need to summon as many creatures as possible and give them charge somehow. In the entire game, there is only one way to do that … 
  3. Hint: Mentor’s Ring is the only (reliable) way in the game to give charge to creatures that don’t usually have it. 
  4. Hint: You will need to use Galyn the Shelterer to create boosted versions of one of your cards, then use the tools at your disposal to draw them. 
  5. Hint: The Sentinel Battlemace is sort of a red herring. It plays no particular role other than dealing 4 damage to your opponent. You can play it at more or less any time as long as the equipped creature hasn’t attacked yet. 
  6. Hint: You will need to use Galyn’s ability on Bolvyn. 
  7. Hint: What you may not know: If you have several copies of Bolvyn in your deck while you Rally without any creatures in your hand, you will draw all copies of Bolvyn instead of just one. 
  8. Hint: This means that you do not need the Silent Pilgrim to fetch Bolvyn from your deck.
    You only need to play it to make sure you have no creatures in hand. 
  9. Hint: This also means that you also do not need Close Call to fetch Bolvyn using the Silent Pilgrim. Keep that spell in your hand, you will need it later. 
  10. Hint: As tempting as it may be, do not equip the Mentor’s Ring to your Arms Master before you got all of your Bolvyns. You will need to let the Ring’s +3/+3 go to waste if you want to win. 
  11. Hint: The correct way is to shelter away Bolvyn, then play all creatures, attack with the Arms Master to fetch the remaining two Bolvyns, then give the Ring to the Arms Master and attack with everything. However, if you do that, you will still be 12 damage short of winning (or 16 if you haven’t used the Battlemace yet). There must be a way to deal even more … 
  12. Hint: Note that equipping the Ring to the Arms Master will also give your other creatures Rally. They can increase a creature’s power by a total of 10. Don’t let this go to waste. 
  13. Hint: If you think you could use rally to power up the Sentinel Battlemace, you are mistaken. Rally only affects creatures. So, you need to put a creature into your hand to make use of these Rallies. 
  14. Hint: Luckily, you still have your Close Call. Use it to get a new creature to rally,
    preferrably one that has already attacked. 

Solution: Use Galyn’s ability on Bolvyn, play Silent Pilgrim, then summon all creatures from your hand. Attack with the Ald’ruhn Arms Master, then play your newly rallied Bolvyns. Now play the Mentor’s Ring on your Arms Master, then unsummon it with Close Call. Attack with all creatures to rally your Arms master, then summon it and give it the Sentinel Battlemace to finish off your foe.

7. Dagoth Mastery

This is the only puzzle that has players prevent their opponent from dealing lethal damage instead of doing so themselves. For me, it was the most difficult one and it requires great attention to detail to succeed.

  1. Hint: Ignore the Leaflurker. It is a red hering. 
  2. Hint: Your goal is to make your creatures so tougher to reduce the amount of damage your opponent can deal to you. The Stolen Pants and the Dune Smuggler help you to do just that. 
  3. Hint: The Problem is: No matter what you do, you will always take at least 1 damage.
    You cannot prevent everything. 
  4. Hint: This means that you need to play Feasting Horror to gain some life. 
  5. Hint: Then again, because Feasting Horror has Guard, it can be attacked by your opponent, which will make you end up loosing more life than you gained. You need to summon it, yet you need to get rid of it somehow before you pass the turn. 
  6. Hint: Luckily, you don’t need a special effect in order to sacrifice one of your creatures.
    There is a very basic rule that lets you get rid of any creature once a certain condition is met … 
  7. Hint … and the Sheepish Dunmer summoned by Stolen Pants is going to help you with it. 
  8. Hint: You need to make sure that the Sheepish Dunmer appears on the left lane, otherwise this trick won’t work. 
  9. Hint: The trick is to use the Sheepish Dunmer to fill the left lane so you can replace the Feasting Hunger. 
  10. Hint: Lastly, this wouldn’t be a House Dagoth-puzzle if you didn’t need to summon Servant of Dagoth at some point.

Solution: Move one of your Hive Defenders with Dune Smuggler, then give it the Stolen Pants. Do it in this order only to make sure the Sheepish Dunmer appears on the left lane. Summon your Feasting Horror to the left lane, then play Servant of Dagoth to replace the it. Pass the turn and enjoy.

8. Hlaalu Mastery

100 Magicka, a journey to the afterlife, a powerful carddraw … and an empty deck. This puzzle needs Hlaalu players to be creative and come up with the ultimate Plot!

  1. Hint: In this puzzle, you have enough Magicka to perform any action you want in any order possible. Ignore your Magicka and focus on the correct sequencing. 
  2. Hint: You goal seems obvious at first: Get rid of your Firebrand and your Minotaur, then shuffle them into your empty deck with Journey to Sovngarde, then play the Ashkhan to draw them and hit face. There’s a catch, however … 
  3. Hint: If you play the Ashkhan while there are fewer than three cards in your deck, you will loose the game because you do not have any runes left. This means that you need to figure out how to put a third creature into your discard pile. 
  4. Hint: Getting rid of the Minotaur is easy. Just run it into the Dres Guard. 
  5. Hint: Don’t use Cruel Firebloom to get rid of your Nord Firebrand. You will need this card to sacrifice a third creature. 
  6. Hint: Do not use the Sharpshooter to kill or silence the Dres Guard. You will need it alive so you can cast Cruel Firebloom. 
  7. Hint: The question is: How do you kill your Firebrand? Or rather: How do you kill a creature with only one Health? 
  8. Hint: Use the Orc to enable your Sharpshooter’s ability, then use it to kill your Firebrand. 
  9. Hint: Now’s the question: Which third creature are we going to put into our graveyard? Which of the two plot abilities is going to be more useful? 
  10. Hint: Since your Sharpshooter can only hit creatures, it is safe to say that you should sacrifice the Orc. Maybe it will still be usefull later. 
  11. Hint: Remember to hit face with your firebrand before you kill it. You need to deal every single point of damage possible. 
  12. Hint: After you successfully sacrificed everything and hit your opponent with your boosted creatures, you will notice that you are 3 points of damage short of winning. You will need to pull off one last trick to win. 
  13. Hint: This is where your Orc comes in. Note that it can return one of your own creatures to your hand so is can attack again. 

Solution: Hit face with the Firebrand and run the Minotaur into the Guard. Play the Camonna Tong Heavy and sacrifice it with Cruel Firebloom. Use your Sharpshooter to kill your Firebrand, then cast Journey and play the Ashkhan. Summon your two creatures with charge and hit face. Now summon the Orc in the same lane as the Minotaur to unsummon it, play it, and have it attack again.

9. Telvanni Mastery

If the first Telvanni puzzle taught you how disposable creatures are, the second one will teach you to look at your creatures in an even more coldblooded way to squeeze every last drop of sweat out of your faithful servants.

  1. Hint: You have enough Magicka to play every card in this puzzle. You will need to use them all, but the correct order is the key. 
  2. Hint: Just like in the Telvanni Initiation, the key is to get as much damage out of your creatures as (in-)humanly possible. If it can still deal damage, don’t sacrifice it. 
  3. Hint: If you have ever played Ancano in conjunction with Ice Storm, you will know that spells that deal damage to several weak creatures can deal a lot of damage to your opponent.
    This means that your goal is to summon Ancano, give Traitor’s Flames Breakthrough and wipe out all the skelettons with it. 
  4. Hint: To make this combo work, you must first get rid of the Bone Colossus so that the Skeletons are reduced to 1 Health. 
  5. Hint: In other words: Don’t throw Ancano’s lighting at your opponent’s face. Use it to kill the Bone Colossus. 
  6. Hint: The next question is what creature to sacrifice for Trator’s Flames. Remember:
    If it can still deal damage, don’t sacrifice it. 
  7. Hint: Your first impulse may be to attack with your Ancestral Dead to summon a Skeleton you can sacrifice. Don’t to that. This is a red hering. You will need the Ancestral Dead to hit face. 
  8. Hint: Don’t Betray Ancano. If you do, the second half of Traitor’s Flames won’t have Breakthrough any more. 
  9. Hint: This means that the key is to Betray the Cliff Strider. 
  10. Hint: However, if you sacrifice the Cliff Strider immediately after summoning it, you will end up 3 damage short. You still need to squeeze some damage out of it before you betray it. 
  11. Hint: Luckily, this is what your Improvised Weapon is for. Cliff Strider cannot attack players, but with this, it does not need to. 

Solution: Summon Ancano and kill the Bone Colossus. Summon the Cliff Strider to either lane, give it the Improvised Weapon and attack one of the skeletons. Then Betray the Strider with Traitor’s Flames and wipe out the skeletons while dealing excess damage to the opponent. Then hit face with the Ancestral Dead.

10. Tribunal Mastery

The Tribunal Temple is strong, great, and yet so short on space and Magicka. Make use of your limited resources to unleash the full power of the Exalt-mechanic!

  1. Hint: Two cards in your hand are red herings that you can safely ignore. 
  2. Hint: Since your Magicka is limited, the key to win is to use Temple Patriarch to trigger your Exaltations without having to pay for them. Sounds easy enough, right? 
  3. Hint: You then need to make sure that your creatures survive the Indoril Archmages.
    It is pretty obvious that you need to play Almalexia for that. 
  4. Hint: The Problem is: If you play Almalexia and the Patriarch and then attack with everything, you will end up 1 damage short. You must squeeze out some damage somehow. 
  5. Hint: This means that you need to play three creatures from your hand in total, but you will notice that your lanes will get pretty cramped if you do. You may end up sacrificing creatures which you are going to need later. 
  6. Hint: You will need all creatures that can attack. The only creatures you can safely replace are those that you play from your hand this turn. 
  7. Hint: Luckily, most creatures you can play are only needed for their Summon and their Exalt. There is only one creature that actually needs to stick around … 
  8. Hint: But how do you get that 1 remaining point of damage? Don’t use the Light of the Three, she is a red hering. 
  9. Hint: You will need to play one of your Ghostgate Defenders and Exalt it with the patriarch so you can deal 2 Damage to one of the Indorill Archmages. Then, attack that Archmage with a Clockwork City Pilgrim so you can hit face with one of your Mournhold Pilgrims. 
  10. Hint: The last obstacle is figuring out which creatures need to be present on the battlefield at what time. Specifically, which creatures need to be present when you play the Temple Patriarch. 
  11. Hint: It may be tempting to play Almalexia first and see her turn into a 12/12, but you don’t actually need that. In fact, if you do that, she only gets in the way of your Ghostgate Defender. 
  12. Hint: The trick is that, once you have played the Patriarch, you don’t need it any more.
    Replace it with Almalexia once you have exalted all of your creatures. 

Solution: Play one of your Ghostgate Defenders to the right lane, then play the Temple Patriarch to the right lane to exalt everything. Use the Defender’s ability to deal 2 damage to one of the Indoril Archmages. Now replace either the Ghostgate Defender or the Temple Patriarch with Almalexia. Use one of your Clockwork City Pilgrims to attack the damaged Archmage and kill the other Archmage with one of your Mournhold Pilgrims. Attack the Lurking Mummy and hit face with everything.

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