Deep Rock Galactic – Guide to Dwarf

A hopefully useful guide to the workings of each class you can play in Deep Rock Galactic as it can be somewhat difficult to easily pick up on the strengths and weaknesses of them.

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What are you here for and why could it be helpful?

If you’re reading this you may be entirely new, or possibly a long time player wanting to learn some new tricks or ideas you might of missed. Eitherway you’re in luck! This guides main and chief focus will be to help explain the strengths and weak points of each class.

After reading this you should hopefully at least have a rough idea of where each of our lovable homicidal drunken shortstacks is best and worst at, along with a few basic ideas on how to leverage their unique talents and equipment.

If you are looking for nitty gritty details this won’t be it I’m sorry they will not be in here. Now onto the meat of things.

The Scout or the amazing Spiderdorf

The scout is defined by two things for most players. One, he moves insanely fast and gets into more things than sand on a beach, and two, will leave the team for dead as lone wolves tend to favor this class. This does become an issue sometimes due to player mentality sometimes.

In reality the scout is a highly mobile dwarf capable of saving the entire run if he’s clever when things go bad. Between his arsenal, utility options, and ability to get into more places than a bored cat, the scout is a good addition to any crew.


While (in)famous for his grapplegun the scout has a strong set of tools to help cement his role as trailblazer, sharpshooter, and guardian angel. When playing as the scout you’re at your best on the move and ranging somewhat ahead of the others. If anyone can escape danger in a heartbeat it is indeed a scout. You’re also likely the one who will get into it just as fast too.

The team will rely on you for light in the massive caverns and to try and eliminate potential threats as well, such as the dreaded cave leech or a towering spitballer. Your weapons excel at this job too as the scout boasts THE most powerful single target guns around making you a perfect choice.

Along with this you also have the ever helpful flaregun which launches stakes with an extremely bright flare attached into the rock. Just one aimed at the roof of a cavern will light the entire thing exposing anything and everything for many long minutes of work. Further increasing your utility is the ever handy grapplegun with it’s infinite uses letting you get anywhere in a hurry and even negate fall damage by shooting the floor before impact. This not only enables you to reach out of place resources but also let you swiftly come in to revive the others if someone is taken down.

All in all a scout is helpful to have if he’s willing to work with others.

The Guns

The scouts arsenal as stated before is some of the best single target weapons in the game. What they lack in abiltiy to handle crowds they make up for in sheer damage on single beefy targets that needed to die yesterday.

The Assault Rifle

Quite possibly the most mundane weapon in the dwarves’ armory it has incredible accuracy over long range, powerful damage, and a steady consistent rate of fire. This is a gun meant for long distance shooting and knows it. Need something across the cavern picked off? Gotta hit that Praetorian right in his glowing butt no matter what? Use this. Only one gun has better accuracy than this. No you don’t get it, you get something better.

The Doublebarrel Shotgun

Or more copyright infringemently known as the SUPER shotgun. It does it’s ancestor proud though, this double barreled sawnoff can and will destroy anything you point it at provided you’re close enough. Swift to reload and with a single shot destroying basic enemies in one blast this is a close combat king. Naturally this beauty is best saved for more powerful enemies like the Praetorian or Dreadnaught where it goes from absolute overkill to merely powerful. Utterly useless at medium and long range due to it’s insane spread.


The scouts unique grenade and what enables him to survive against a swarm. These odd things are something you actually want to run INTO if you’re being overrun as they create a gravity well of sorts that slows any and all enemies caught inside to a snail’s pace. Excellent when used in a chokepoint during a swarm or to save someone’s life and let them escape. One of these at your feet is a life saver if you’re cut off from the group as a scout and the swarms coming for you. If you don’t have one of these consider sticking MUCH closer to your fellow dwarves.

The Tools

One is infamous amongst his haters, the other is barely heard of in some circles. Either way these will have immense value when used smartly.

The Grapplegun

Grapplehook, grapnel, spiderman option, whatever you want to call it this thing is become iconic of scouts and the envy of everyone else. Able to sling yourself almost anywhere, infinite uses, this little toy is amazing for fast movement and with clever use nothing is off limits to you. It does however have limits. Each use takes time to recharge, it also disables you from doing anything while in use, and it’s quite easy to kill yourself with. However nothing else makes it easier to get from point A to B in a hurry.

The Flaregun

This little tool sadly sees little use with some scouts despite it’s usefulness. While a basic hand tossed flare illuminates a small area you can work in it’s short lived and lacking for large caverns quite like a candle flickering in the dark. This tool, is the bonfire option. When fired it launches a stake tall as a dwarf with an insanely bright flare attached. These flares are so bright they can flood an entire cavern with light in just one stake plugged into the roof of it! On top of that these ones will last a much greater deal of time. In exceptionally large caves this becomes a soft light at floor level but still enough to see by, or more importantly, see all those horrific things wanting to kill your crew.

As you can hopefully see he has quite the toolset tailoring him towards a certain role and playstyle in the team. And from there we move onto what his best uses in the team can be and what his weaknesses are.

The Flight of the Scoutbee

His role in the crew

While by no means a MUST DO THIS OR ELSE thing the scout’s tools and weapons helps put him within a certain working role of the team. These things mainly to remember about the class even if you’re not playing as it.

Scouts are at their best when leading the way and spotting minerals as his name suggests. Don’t be afraid to let him run a little ahead of the crew as his grapplegun will let him come screaming like a banshee back to the team if he get’s into trouble. Also remember that when playing as him, the others can deal with a horde MUCH easier than you can so don’t try and be a rambo and waste your ammo when a horde wants to devour your face.

When the crew arrives in a cavern possibly the most important thing a scout can do is launch a flare to reveal the immediate area or more importantly the roof. Cave leeches are no joke almost unheard before their tentacle wraps around your neck and hoists you into the darkness above. There are also many other hazards a flaregun shot into the roof can reveal as well. It also improves workplace safety in hazardous terrain with long drops and holes everywhere.

When the crew has a swarm to shoot into chunky salsa the scout’s flaregun is helpful regardless of location providing strong light all around and typically last the majority of the swarm. As for the actual combat his role is to counter ranged enemies where his high power rifle can tear them down effortlessly freeing up the others to tangle with the main swarm. If no ranged enemies exist, supporting his team is his next best bet actively trying to get an angle on tanky enemies such as the Praetorian. Whlie armored from the front heavily it is exposed entirely to the rear and nobody can exploit this quite like a scout and his doublebarreled shotgun.

The scout also excels at all times as the proverbial saint bernard of the team due to his speed. Be it in a swarm or general cave work accidents he can get there faster than the rest for speedy revivals. Even more his IFG is uniquely qualified for midswarm rescues as the slow effect includes enemy attack speed allowing him to stall a swarm long enough to save his fellow dwarf.

While these are his strong suits nothings preventing you from having a little fun or deviation from it. This is more things to remember about each class and how they click together after all. Next up what he’s horrible at!

The scout’s weakpoints or watch out for that stone tree george!

The scout suffers from a severe ammo limitation which is offset by his high damage potential. While he excels at brutalizing single high priority targets he has extreme difficulty trying to fight off swarms of smaller and more numerous enemies. Infact it’s quite possible to use the entire supply of ammo if he’s forced into such a situation!

While it can mitigate the issue, his IFGs are extremely limited and don’t kill anything. It only provides him the much needed breathing room to methodically tear down his attackers. They are no true answer to his weakpoint, just a panic button to save himself or others from the hordes.

And his extreme mobility can actually work against him as well. Being able to move so quickly it’s easy to fall for the trap of flying too far ahead of the group and becoming victim to the hazards of the caves. Be it glyphid, electrocrystal, or cave leech, a hasty scout is quite often a dead one. Or possibly just a smear on the ground after a nasty fall on a bad shot of the grapplegun.

Because of this while his entire job can revolve around scouting about for goodies he’s at his best still staying close to the team just in case he stirs up trouble he can’t handle alone helping find those hard to spot goodies and blowing away potential safety hazards.

At the end of the day the scout is a handy asset to have and might even seem broken but has severe weakpoints to him that only the others can compensate for.


The Gunner, when something NEEDS to die he can do the job and with gusto. Champion of carnage and extreme bullet expenditure enthusiast no team is truly complete without it’s own little maniac toting a gun almost as big as he is.

It’s quite honestly hard not to love this dwarf reeking of gun lubricant and blood as this is a class hard to mess up with as his role mainly boils down to causing extreme bodily harm to anything that even remotely looks near the team funny. However like any true master of his trade he does have quite the specialized toolbox you need to be familar with to get the most out of his ample firepower that may or may not be illegal in most solar systems.

The Overview

The gunner is the truest to his name as far as the classes go. He has but one job and he does it extremely well. His entire aresnal and tools are almost exclusively tooled towards causing mayhem and destruction. Quite to the point he’s one of the most popular classes since his role is extremely hard to flub and let’s face it. Who DOESN’T want to be the guy spewing untold amounts of molten metal into hordes of alien beasts like a god of war?

This is only further compounded by his effective but narrow equipment selection that is powerful but tailored towards specialized purposes. From crowd control to extreme single target termination his weapons are refined tools.

The Guns

The gunner boasts a right nasty set of weaponry that is powerful, hefty, and comes with an robust amount ammo to work with. Each one fills a need and does so with gusto.

The Minigun

A gun that would put tears in an ork’s eye this monsterous beast of a minigun leaves little to be desired. Fed from what appears to be a single ammo drum with well over 1000 bullets it has no need to reload and puts forth an insane volume of fire. It’s only true weaknesses are the lack of armor piercing value making it a poor choice on armored targets and it’s somewhat iffy accuracy. But, the inaccuracy can work in ones favor with experience as it becomes more accurate the longer you fire making it able to sweep hordes and then focus accurately at single targets for finishing up. Sustained fire can cause weapon jams however as it overheats swiftly.

The Revolver

This despite all your conventional logic is the most accurate gun in the game able to hit anything with pinpoint accuracy. It’s limited ammo is offset by being brutally powerful able to kill larger enemies swiftly and is utter overkill on smaller ones sometimes outright splattering them into giblets. It’s slow reload and limited ammo however make it best served on big game hunting. The extreme accuracy also makes it an excellent sniper’s tool in a pinch.


His most mundane toy but still powerful these basic grenades may or maynot be replaced with something more unique in the developement cycle. Until then these are powerful swarm clearers that can deface the caves with craters and work somewhat well against armored enemies. Just remember they can kill you too if tossed poorly.

The Tools

The gunners focus of killing everything more ugly than him (which is an achivement in and of itself) spills over into even his tools but he does hang onto one of the most useful tools in the game.

The Detpack

Basically a block of high yield explosives handled in the roughest manners possible. These powerful things generate a pulse to warn you of it’s massive killzone when thrown and stick to any surface it lands on. When detonated this will kill anything short of a Dreadnaught which is a miniboss. Yeah, don’t stand next to one of these if you value breathing. They also destroy the terrain easily so they make for a quick and dirty mining option if need be as well.

The Zipline

One of the more hotly contested tools and depending on who you ask this is either a godsend or a borderline hacktool. The Zipline gun sets up ziplines (original huh?) from where you stand to where you aimed it at with some limitations in angle and distance. An effective tool for crossing large pits and getting up and down swiftly if you have places to set up a chain of them. One can also escape from a swarm on them and be safe from anything but ranged attacks. Yes that enables shenanigans like you think hence the claims of hacktool. The devs may or may not address this in the future.

As you might guess the gunner is the Hank Hill of killing enthusiasts and loves his killing and killing accessories. He sounds great at this stuff right? And indeed he is, but there are a few ‘buts’ in all this.

Gunning for effect

His role in the crew

Again you go your own way with the class but like the others, the gunner is tailored towards a certain strong suit we’ll go over here. As you can probably note from the above this class is all about high efficency killing sprees trades a good bit of utility for even more attack power.

The gunner by and by large is the teams foundation, shield, and sword all in one. His primary role and job is to safeguard his fellows, hunt down more dangerous threats with the scout, and when the swarm comes to deliver retribution that’d make the book of grudges blush at how excessive it is. His usual spot in the lineup in travel would be behind the scout where he can help kill any minor hordes that crop up along the way.

Once the cave is reached his job becomes rather active in hunting down safety hazards, possibly with the scout once his typical flaregun is firmly in the roof. After which is identifying if there is a good place for a zipline to make life easier such as over a big hole or canyon or down it to make getting up and down much simpler. Alongside that is the usual mining for profits inbetween helping fend off minor attacks on the crew.

When the swarm alarm sounds it’s time for alot more active work that justifies why you keep him around. His biggest role is thinning out the hordes as they advance with his minigun which is supremely qualified for the job at tearing the small fry apart. When the larger enemies arrive his revolver makes an excellent choice to counter and conserve his minigun ammo for more hordes. When things get even more hectic the detpack can be used to clear large chunks of enemies and quickly kill large enemies in seconds. Above it all his chief concern is trying to keep the hordes under control before they overrun the crew.

At the end of the day the gunner is sort of a lovable psychotic bearded teddybear. You’re always glad to have one around and it’s hard for him to fail at his role entirely in keeping everyone alive with liberal amounts of firepower that would get him arrested in seconds at your usual airport. He does have a few issues to be mindful of that could be a disaster in the making if you aren’t careful though.

His weak points or don’t use a hammer to saw wood.

His specialized weapons are his strength and weakness all at once. Like a true expert he has quite the selection but they must be used right to really make him shine. Otherwise he’s only good and not awe inspiring.

His minigun for a good example is excellent on lightly armored hordes but, will be extremely ineffective at dealing with armored praetorians which it can’t penetrate the plates of. Most of the bullets can and will bounce off the armored shell and thus be wasted entirely. On top of that the minigun doesn’t have high attack damage so it takes an absurd amount of ammo to take a praetorian down.

Conversely the revolver is a powerful gun delivering high damage with precise aim, a natural fit for killing a praetorian by shooting it’s unarmored regions and can even hit the mouth of one fairly easily from the front. But since it has low ammo, small magazine size, and isn’t exactly fast firing this is not the tool for hordes.

The detpack as well has a good use in setting traps when you know where the praetorian will come from beforehand giving you an easy quick solution to dealing with it. And on higher hazard levels sometimes two or more will be with a single wave, all nicely clustered together. Thus the detpacks power as a killswitch for praetorian swarms can and will define it’s role in the toolbox.

If these tools are misused or wasted it can hurt the overall performance of the gunner or even worse leave him without ammo at the worst times possible than if he had more wisely used his tools.

The Driller or The Dirtomancer

The Driller, a dirty job people don’t seem to like much. Yet he is an valuable asset to the crew in mining and combat owning the crown of close combat. Armed with a selection of close ranged weapons and powerful mining equipment that doubles a meat smoothy maker when needed his talents are valuable when thinking outside the box is required. Or when you feel like BBQ. Cooks an amazing steak.

The Overview

It’s a dirty job and he LOVES to do it! As you could expect of a professional miner his talents are focused on mining, tunneling, and generally working himself around the caves like some kind of stone fish to get at what he needs. Rock is no obstacle to him with his twin drills and anything dumb enough to get close to him is going to suffer from his powerful close range attacks.

His true strengths lay in his utility however, when I say stone fish I mean it. This dwarf is a true miner and can drill through tons of stone/sand/shroom/brimstone/glyphids/sand in a hurry and is capable of creating a variety of new pathways for the team sometimes even able to create shortcuts between caverns bypassing long windy tunnels entirely. Being able to go in a straight line over 100m is also incredibly valuable during the escape sequence as it enables him to drill straight to the finish line while his team watches his back.

The Guns

The drillers arsenal favors close combat to the extreme, to the tune of get right in their faces and do things that would make Khorne proud. His weapons also boast some unique uses and tricks that enhance their viablity in close ranges which are normally suicide the others.

The Flamethrower

It werfs flammen! A nasty weapon that right out the gate is powerful though ammo hungry. However the flames you’ll spew with it penetrate hordes, armor plates, and set things on fire for damage over time! An excellent weapon able to destroy entire swarms and apply a powerful damage overtime effect to bigger enemies. It’s only true weakpoint is how fast it burns through fuel when purging xeno.

The… pistol

A truly underwhelming popgun that might as well shoot nerf darts for all the good it does. It provides a ranged option but compared to the others this gun is just weak all around. The only reason a driller has this is to fend off spitter attacks and kill the odd cave leech. It’s only upside is a hefty supply of ammo and decent accuracy. It doesn’t boast much stopping power at all and even basic glyphid warriors can tank hits from it. A back up of last resort this one.


Quite like the gunner and as you’ll read engineer, he brings some good old fashioned hand grenades. Like all of them they’re very powerful toys that can clear a group out in a hurry, just don’t blow your foot off or accidentally blast the beard off another dwarf!

The Tools

The drillers tools might see some changes as he shares the detpack with the gunner. Though his unique tool is truly unique and an impressive weapon to boot.

The Drills

These are drills to pierce the heavens with. These twin arm mounted monsters are big enough to gore a man and blend stone and rock with ease into dust and create dwarf sized tunnels in their wake. Running off a limited fuel supply they’re prone to overheating if not managed carefully. However these drills are deadly on anything the driller puts his mind to including his enemies. In the end though their true strength is in being able to rapidly dig through the caves and bypass hazards, terrain, and just about everything inbetween.

The Detpack

Quite like the gunner’s set these things go kaboom in a big way and stick to any surface they hit. Just like the other set they’ll blow anything short of a dreadnaught to bits. Not much else to say really. They might be changed to something more unique in the future but until then enjoy your bombs folks.

If you noticed a trend in his stuff you’re right he does favor being up close with everything and killing it! It’s quite truly his best range. Add in his excellent drills and you got a dwarf that brings alot to his crew.

40,000m under the stone with Captain Driller

His role in the crew

The driller is a useful asset able to create new pathways to move through and potent close range firepower when needed. Given that caves do infact have massive tons stone surrounding them he can use his drills to access any minerals he needs to including ones in the roof with enough time and effort. He’s truly unable be trapped thanks to this fact as well. While the others outside the scout struggle to ascend or descend vertical regions the Driller simply adjusts his goggles and spins the twins up and burrows into the earth.

When the teams on the move a driller normally ends up moving alongside or just behind the gunner ready to back him up or help mine out a mineral deposit the scout ignored in his rush. His role is largely when the caverns are found and in the meantime chips in on mineral collections, alien burning, and possibly making bad geology puns.

Once the cave is hit though it’s time to work. His main job is to dig out minerals fast as he can and pay attention to where his drills can be useful. A good tunnel can save ziplines which might be needed later and sometimes it’s just more efficent to drill up a short cliff or down the side of one to make a staircase. If there are long vertical shafts making dead drops this is even more true as they normally have zero chances for zipline placements. Outside that it’s mine mine mine, and possibly burninate the odd pack of aliens.

When the good old swarm clock dings the drillers job is extremely combat focused. Armed with a short ranged flamethrower, drills, and a dinky popgun his position is at the forefront cleaning up anything the gunner can’t mow down in time with waves of fire and turning any large enemies into blazing infernos that lose their health slowly and save the team ammo. Smart use of the flammenwerfer can also conserve it’s ammo by setting entire groups on fire and then finishing the weakened enemy off with pistol shots or even just whacking with a pickaxe. Good use of detpack traps are also a nice idea as there is nothing that cannot be solved with use use of high yield explosives.

The driller has a niche he fits nicely in the team as it’s geological alteration expert and CQC god able to handle quite a bit of trouble of all kinds. However his own special niche is his weakness.

His Weakpoints

This should be painfully obvious. While devestating upclose his performance is pitiful at range and all his real power comes up close making him extremely weak against ranged enemies in general. His firehose also guzzles tons of gas in a hurry if simply held down making it a trick to manage the balance between active and passive damage. His only ranged option is a puny pistol that is quite possibly the weakest gun in the game.

His other viable weapon, the drills, compete with use between mining and combat as well making it sometimes a rough judgement call between mulching that glyphid or saving the gas to get around that pile of goop in the fungus bogs.

He needs the others to help compensate for these and support them in turn with his tunnels and powerful close range attacks trusting them to keep those long range threats off him while he burns what comes close to them.

The Engineer or The Spy finally isn’t sapp’n mah sentry

The engineer, a powerful backup class able to leverage extreme firepower and provide unique answers to awkward situations. Able to setup two sentry turrets, lob grenades over long distance, and deploy special platforms to create ledges where none existed he is and will be a useful asset to his team helping them stand stout against the threats they face in the caves.

The Overview

While not the most spry of guntoting of the bunch what he does pack is incredibily powerful. Infact, once his entire kit is setup he can unleash more power than the rest of the team combined in a much shorter time frame! Between this high damage potential and his rather unique tool this dwarf is a benefit to have helping you out.

The Guns

The engineers guns are powerful and hefty things able to dish out some damage in rapid fashion or a highly explosive one.

The Shotgun

As in the more conventional, wimpy variety. Still while nothing compared to the mighty doublebarrel this is a fine gun able to deliver steady streams of buckshot between reloads which are by the clip and not by the shell. It serves as a reliable and dependable alien deterrent able to take care of moderate swarms and with some good aim even a praetorian or two. It’s chief weakness is the reload time and low magazine size meaning it won’t handle a full horde well.

The Grenade Launcher

Thankfully this DOES! Yes thats right the engineer gets his own bomb chucker! With a somewhat limited stock of grenades this beauty can and will lob clear across a cave in a slight arc but hits reliably at most normal combat ranges. These Grenades are quite like the regular handheld kind as well delivering excellent horde clearing prowess in a contact package. A well aimed shot can destroy an entire horde and it deals middling damage to praetorians. The only real weakness is your very limited ammo count so make each blast count.

Plebian Grenades

Your standard issue hand grenade, pull pin, chuck, watch giblets fly. By no means awful but come on. GRENADE LAUNCHER. How can they compete?!

The Tools

Now this is where the engineer shines as both his tools are pretty helpful in one way or another.

The Platform Gun

Also known as the hashbrown launcher. This nifty little gun fires globs of concrefoam that expands into a circular platform whereever it lands. This is more useful than you’d think at first too! While obviously this means you can make ledges in sheer walls it also allows for tricks when combined with tools from the others. One platform on the otherside of a deep pit or wide gap aimed low down enough can allow a zipline set to cross, which then can be used to drill up into the rock and create a way across. Good on it’s own, best when mixed with other tools. Like every tool it has fairly limited ammo so don’t be wasteful with it!

The Sentry Guns

The engineers true claim to DPS fame. A pair of deployable automated turrets able to spit an obscene amount of damage when built. Firing high caliber rounds these turrets will easily destroy swarms while active and loaded but won’t do much against an armored enemy like the praetorian as the rounds don’t pierce armor. Another story entirely if you manage to bait it into exposing it’s backside to them though. The turrets have an extreme ammo problem however and need to be reloaded manually by the engineer frequently when used in heavy combat. It’s extremely easy to use their entire supply in one swarm but the results are typically worth it. Can be recalled from any point via the R key being held down causing them to pack up and fly to you from anywhere! This also returns any leftover ammo in the turret.

The engineer’s arsenal is powerful to say the least and as you might guess when he’s setup camp and got his toys out this guy can really dish out the pain. Of course there are limits to his insane damage potential.

Some assembly required or where did all the bullets go?!

His role in the crew

The ultimate supporter the engineer’s role is to largely back everyone up with his impressive arsenal and nifty gadgets. When he’s allowed to setup shop he becomes nigh unstoppable and becomes a solid backbone for the team’s defiance of the natives in pursuit of profit and booze.

His platform gun enables some nifty tricks with everyone on the team to some degree be it the classic scout+platform combo or getting creative to enable passage through particulary crazy cave gens his tricks are helpful to everyone. The platforms also create safespots in floor hazards such as the sticky goo that relies on contact to trigger. He also holds his own in a fight when need be and sports some of the most destructive weapons in the game hands down.

When the teams on the move he’s probably at his most useless since his best toys need to be stationary and typically falls into a position behind everyone else in the group as his weapons aren’t the best for random monster clearing efficency and mining tends to be a better use of his time in the tunnels.

Once the cave is reached however he becomes much more active and useful. Mainly in cooperating with the scout to aquire minerals in the high walls and possibly even the roof itself with some clever platform shooting. Once those are aquired he becomes a solid miner that afford to put more focus on that if the gunner is keeping an ear cocked. If unusual cave formation or extremely vertical ones happened his platforms might be indespensible for crossing it to the next set of tunnels.

During a swarm sign when mission control pushes the ‘kill barrel kickers’ button he doesn’t tell anyone about though it’s time. Out come the turrets with their precious ammo, out comes the grenade launcher, and all hell is gonna break loose. The engineer is the best support the team has able to turn the tide with the pull of a trigger blowing away hordes that creep in as the team reloads and his turrets provide the ultimate defense against the chittering masses so long as he keeps reloading them. His support is invaluable when the praetorians show and draw attention away from the small fry that take full advantage. So long as his ammo holds he is able to create a bastion against the natives. A safe haven made by extreme firepower.

His weakpoints

If his ammo holds mind you. This is his chief weakness above all else. He burns through so much ammo he’ll need half a resupply pod just for his own stuff after a swarm if he goes full force! As such it’s rather easy to be reduced to the shotgun as an engineer, even more so if the nitra is in little supply.

Adding to that is his firepower often relies on the others to fill the gaps. He can handle alot but not everything. Things slip through, things the others have to handle. He can shore up any defense but he can’t cover it himself even with extra ammo to grab. The juggling act of picking good grenade targets, feeding turrets, and pulling the shotgun out to fight a praetorian that muscled it’s way towards him can be hectic and go south quickly.

When playing as him always mind your ammo and if need be conserve resources carefully to make them last. When playing with him back his stuff up and he’ll improve the odds of survival dramatically.

Written by KrysisMode

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