PixARK – How to Level Fast

This guide is to show people how to level up fast and avoid the tedious gameplay at the start.

PvE (How to Level at a Faster Pace)

Welcome to my guide, today i will be teaching you casual filth on how to level at a faster pace then the other casual filth you play with.

Step One

Spawn at each rally point. Once you have found a snow boime with ICE CASTLES/KEEPS you want to keep suicide running in there for the chests. There are 5 locations with a total of 9 chests you can get to with out have to run or fight ice bears or icele dragonlings, these are located at all 4 corners of the keeps towers 2 chests for each corner one in the bottom room and one in the top room, it is not gaurented to have both up at once but it will always have one there if not looted recently, another one is up the top of the entrance ways heading into the main room of the dungeon.

Step Two

Once you have got the idea of where everything is spawning wise you just run between the chests hoping to get Steel Bone gear it will auto equip on your hot bars if you have nothing else, really useful for the Suicide Gearing, this should get you a Sword and full Steel bone armour by lvl 10 if you are lucky with spawns.

Step Three

Once you have geared from the Ice Castles you want to tame a Pteradon and make your way to a grasslands or Desert biome.

Grasslands ruins have Coyotes that you can lvl off until 45 quite easy with out lack of exp once you hit 45 it slows down alot. 

Desert Temples, these are alot harder to clear by this stage you will have to place beds outside about 6 will do which will allow you to constantly spawn there and farm exp most things in there will die in 2 to 3 hits just strafe around them so they dont land hits.

Ice Castles are also good exp the iceling Dragonlings die in 3 hits most times and can be knocked away in a C crouch postion and cant hit you, they also drop steel bone gear for upgrades if need be. 


All three of these methods are good depending on your population of your server, i play on pvp so ice is farmed out on a regular basis, i personally stay at the ice castle and farm the dragonlings for exp all the way to 80 but it comes with the risk of dieing to bears as they one shot you.

Step Four

If you are not a fan of the ruins in this game smelting and gunpowder give the best exp, crafting floors/foundations with all your rock also powers you through as well but slows down towards the higher levels.

Step Five

Killing Cyclops, Minotaurs and all ruins monsters give good exp all the time.

Step Six

During the war kill all player tames as they are on passive and give good EXP.

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