World Warfare – Beginners Guide

Please note: all credit goes to Ronin5588!

A simple, step-by-step guide of the key ways in which in play and dominate in World Warfare.


Develop your cities: Upgrade your HQ to unlock new buildings. All buildings are important; make sure to construct them as you unlock them.


Pay attention to your resources: without resources your plans will grind to a halt. Prioritize building and upgrading your resource production buildings. You will need fortune, steel, rubber, oil and population.

World Warfare - Beginners Guide


You will need to expand and capture territory. Start by targeting a nearby level 1 village. These have poor defenses and allow you to attack with a small army. To capture, you will need to destroy all buildings and initiate a capture command using your infantry. Once you capture a village you should repair the damage and construct all available options such as steel production and sniper towers.

World Warfare - Beginners Guide
World Warfare - Beginners Guide
World Warfare - Beginners Guide


Scout the territory near your HQ and select your next target. Make note of any defenses and build an army to conquer and expand.

World Warfare - Beginners Guide
World Warfare - Beginners Guide

Upgrading Munitions

Continue upgrading your buildings: you will need to upgrade your munitions factory and army base to unlock and train stronger units.

World Warfare - Beginners Guide
World Warfare - Beginners Guide

Units’ Stats

All units have strengths and weaknesses. Examine your unit stats by clicking the “!” button and decide what role that unit will play in your army.


Supplies are incredibly important for your army’s survival! Build a supply factory as soon as possible to produce food, ammo, and fuel.

World Warfare - Beginners Guide

Diplomacy and Leagues

Use diplomacy: ally with other Commanders and work together to attack your enemies. Join a League or create a League of your own!

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