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» » Farm Together - Some Tips and Tricks

Farm Together - Some Tips and Tricks

By DeathClaw   /   Apr 10, 2018     Guides
Farm Together - Some Tips and Tricks

Farm Together is an amazing game. Over 70 hours of playing I have learned things the hard way. Now that I am a Veteran of the game. I put together a list of tips that has helped me be more successful with less grinding. Here are the tips that help me succeed in Farm Together.

Tips and Tricks for Successful Farming

  • Always plant trees of the same kind together and post a sign. 

  • Combine fish of the same kind in large ponds.I tried to single pond for each fish method, but it was too time consuming. Be sure to place a sign post of each type of fish. 

  • Place all farm animals in the same area. I made the mistake of placing animals where ever I had space, only to be running around trying too remember where I put certain animals. 

  • When doing quests, plant only the crops, trees needed for those quests. It will help you get through faster. 

  • A new feature: Flower beds once planted continues to yield flowers. All you need to do is water, and harvest. 

  • Be sure to check your quests daily to see what needs to be done. 

  • If you are visiting other Gamer's farms, be courteous and say Hi. We don't bite. And you can make a new friend or two by just saying Hello, Hola,, Priviyet, Bonjour, etc. 

  • Try to unlock water sprinkler asap as they will help if you have super large farms. The sprinklers will water plants and crops for you. 

  • Always plants trees you have unlocked. So you won't have to be running around trying to when quests calls for it. You already have lots planted.
Game:   Farm Together
Written by DeathClaw.