Farm Together – Useful Tips and Tricks

I put together a list of tips that has helped me be more successful with less grinding. Here are the tips that help me succeed in Farm Together.

Tips and Tricks for Successful Farming

  • Always plant trees of the same kind together and post a sign. 
  • Combine fish of the same kind in large ponds.I tried to single pond for each fish method, but it was too time consuming. Be sure to place a sign post of each type of fish. 
  • Place all farm animals in the same area. I made the mistake of placing animals where ever I had space, only to be running around trying too remember where I put certain animals. 
  • When doing quests, plant only the crops, trees needed for those quests. It will help you get through faster. 
  • A new feature: Flower beds once planted continues to yield flowers. All you need to do is water, and harvest. 
  • Be sure to check your quests daily to see what needs to be done. 
  • If you are visiting other Gamer’s farms, be courteous and say Hi. We don’t bite. And you can make a new friend or two by just saying Hello, Hola,, Priviyet, Bonjour, etc. 
  • Try to unlock water sprinkler asap as they will help if you have super large farms. The sprinklers will water plants and crops for you. 
  • Always plants trees you have unlocked. So you won’t have to be running around trying to when quests calls for it. You already have lots planted.
  • You don’t need to water crops when it rains. Except the Flower beds.
  • You don’t need to water trees.
  • You can only water flower beds during their harvest seasons. I suggest that you place sprinklers to water the flower beds constantly.
  • Make large animal pens. It will help when needing to harvest for quests.
Farm Together - Some Tips and Tricks
Farm Together - Some Tips and Tricks
Farm Together - Some Tips and Tricks
Farm Together - Some Tips and Tricks

These tips should help you run a more efficient farm. Thank you for your time.

  • Place flower beds together and use sprinklers to water them. That way you can just harvest them and not worry about having to come back to water them every season.
  • Once you hit higher levels (40-60), I would not even bother watering crops. I rarely water mine anymore and they still grow in a timely manner. It helps cause quests will require more and more items. For example…. one of the quests I did required 1700 lettuce. I wasn’t about to water all of those since I have a very large farm. It didn’t matter if I watered them or not, they still grew.
  • When using Farmhands, put them in the middle of your crops, trees, fisheries, crops, etc.. to maximize their usage.

Explanation of the Cultivation Corner and Buildings

The tables are definitely worth it AFTER you’ve got your farm basics well established. I would spend medals buying all the other buildings you want first, then the tables last. 2% per level doesn’t sound like much but remember it’s cumulative over time, with Every Single Harvest you’re bringing in 2% per table level more.

Time value of money is a hell of a leverage over time for increasing profitability as you play. But don’t spend money on tables and cripple your ability to keep your animals fed or plant the crops you need to complete quests, etc.

Once you have excess income you start pouring it into the tables. Any coin you leave unspent is a waste when you could be growing something, feeding something, or spending it on the tables. Like having money sitting in a bank account not even earning interest.

Do I benefit from watering others plants?

Watering flowers increases their profit in coin or gems. Watering crops reduces grow time. You can see the crop grow time reduction if you pay attention to their timer before you water and after. Short timer crops are barely noticeable but long timer crops like watermelon can cut down grow time by several hours. I would say watering is the first thing you should choose to neglect/forego doing. Except in the beginning when the farm is very small, I generally don’t water anything except very long-timer crops sometimes. I focus on growing more, feeding more, harvesting more. And yes, flying pets only have eye color option since they don’t wear collars and detail color refers to the collars.

And btw, sprinklers can be used to water crops and flowers when you have the extra medals. Also, anything with a unit cost of 1 is fully recyclable so you can experiment and utilize 1 unit cost items and recycle without any loss if you change your mind. Sprinklers are a 1 medal item. Rosemary flower is a 1 medal flower that produces gems. My second favorite tip is to store all unused medals as Rosemary so your medals are producing gems until you have something you want to spend them on. (edited to correct misinfo. Sprinklers don’t achieve perfect watering because game’s weather effects will still affect crops/flowers).

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