REVOLT 1917 – Gameplay Tips

Tips for general gameplay of REVOLT 1917 and further information on the game’s internal systems direct from the developer, broken down on a per-chapter format.

Chapter I – Yanbu Firefight

All credit goes to Juhbee!

The beginning of REVOLT 1917 will drop you into the Turkish attempt to recapture the Port of Yanbu (also known as Yenbo) in December of 1916. The targeted gameplay style of this chapter is all about high-intesity close quarters combat. Later the chapter opens into a canyon chase though artillery fire and a rush to escape the Turkish forces by boat.

Key Gameplay Elements: Checkpoints

This chapter features a checkpoint system. As you progress further through Yanbu, your progress will be saved automatically. If you are killed, you will default to a spawn near your last activated checkpoint.

At each checkpoint your stamina and hydration are automatically refreshed to 100%. More on this feature in later chapters!

Key Gameplay Elements: Weapon Crates

The British Imperial supply lines have left a lot of extra munitions crates laying around in the world, and it is up to you to locate and search through them.

To search a crate, simply press “F” on your keyboard when in close proximity. You will be dropped one of the various firearms of REVOLT 1917 or nothing at all. If you receive the weapon you are currently holding, the extra ammo will be added to your inventory.

You can only carry one firearm at a time, but ammo is stored in your inventory for each weapon you have previously carried. This can be checked on your player journal. See below!

Key Gameplay Elements: Journal

You are equipped with a player journal which provides key information about what is going on in the world around you. Press “TAB” to pull up the journal overlay.

The journal contains:

  • Current quest info & status
  • Current carried ammo for each weapon
  • Current player hydration status
  • Current weather info & time of day
  • All unlocked journal entries

This information will automatically update and be futher explained in depth in this guide for later chapters.

How Do I Progress Though This Chapter?

For “Yanbu Firefight” you will be tasked to escape Yanbu and join with the rest of the Arabian soldiers in the Hejaz regions of the Sinai Desert. You must push forward though the Turkish invasion, defeating as many enemies as necessary to survive, and find your way out of the city.

Once out of the city you will need to escape though the canyons whilst avoiding artillery fire. The best way to stay alive in this section is to focus on eliminating the heavy guns first, as the more shots they fire off the less likely you will survive.

Chapter II – A Visit To Arabia

The second chapter of REVOLT 1917 changes the face of the game entirely, dropping you into a large open world enviroment to explore. While “Yanbu Firefight” focused on intense action, “A Visit To Arabia” slows down a little and focuses on quests and exploration. All gameplay elements from the first chapter make an appearance here, with the exception of checkpoints. See below!

New Gameplay Elements: Campsites

This chapter features the campsite system. As you are exploring the deserts of Arabia, you will stumble across campfires and tents. You will need to use these locations to restore your player health and stamina to max. Use a campsite by pressing “F” on your keyboard.

Use of a campsite will also make it your current respawn point. If you are killed, you will default to the last used campsite in the world. Using one will also save your game and advance time by about 8 hours. Be sure to explore for campsites to not make huge progress just to be forced to retrace your steps if you die!

New Gameplay Elements: Wells & Player Hydration

Water is the most valuable resource in the Arabian desert. You will be affected by hydration as you play REVOLT 1917 and as you become dehydrated your vision will fade. If you do not locate a well to replenish your hydration, you will die and respawn at your last respawn point. To use a well, press “F” on your keyboard when in close proximity.

Hydration is one of three ways you can perish in REVOLT 1917. The other two are stamina and HP.

New Gameplay Elements: Player Stamina

Without checkpoints to rest your stamina percentage, you will be required to maintain your energy to stay alive in this chapter.

Player stamina is recorded in percentages from 1-99%. It will decrease naturally over time, and faster when you are in the intense heat of the day. Sprinting and jumping will also make stamina decrease faster. Each time you take damage from an enemy, you will lose 2% stamina.

Stamina can be replenished by resting at a campsite. When it reaches 0, you will die and respawn at your last respawn point. When playing, note that stamina decreases much slower in the cooler temperatures of the night, but visibility is drastically reduced due to the darkness.

New Gameplay Elements: Capturing Territories

This chapter features several flags scattered thoughout the small villages. Some of these are quest requirements and others are optional for you to capture.

To capture a territory, press “F” when in near proximity and stay close to the flag until the Ottoman Empire flag is replaced with the flag of the Arab Revolt.

New Gameplay Elements: Compass

In REVOLT 1917 you are provided with a live-updating compass. As there are no waypoints or minimaps in this game, you will be given a direction to head in and it will be up to you to locate what has been described to you through environmental cues. Press “ALT” to toggle from your health/stamina indicator to the compass.

Expanded Gameplay Elements: Player Journal

All quests in this chapter will be identified at the top right of the player journal. When a quest updates, a notification will appear in the top right of your screen. Press “TAB” to bring up the journal.

Some quests in this chapter will require reading a journal entry for further information. To view simply use the mouse to click on your desired entry. Grayed-out entries have yet to be discovered and are scattered thoughout the world.

How Do I Progress Though This Chapter?

For “A Visit To Arabia” you will need to follow the quests in order to reach the end goal and travel deeper through the desert. You will be joining up to assist on the attacks on the Turkish railway lines deep in the Sinai Desert. Exploration will be key with your provided compass for navigation. Note that all directions/headings given in a quest are in reference to the starting point being where the quest was given.

Chapter III – To Catch A Train

The third chapter of REVOLT 1917 will have you searching the desert for railroad tracks and sabotaging Turkish trains with high explosives. There is a very strong focus on exploration in this chapter. All gameplay elements from the previous chapter make an appearance here.

New Gameplay Elements: Trains & Explosives

This chapter features enemy trains. You will be required to destroy them with explosives looted from the Turkish forces. The explosives are used as slot 2 of your weaponry. You can switch between your items using “E” and “F” on your keyboard.

To successfully destroy a train, wait until the train nears your location and plant the explosives on the track in front of the train. When the train reaches the explosives, they will detonate. Time it right as the fuse is only about 10 seconds long!

If you fail you will need to return to where you previously found the explosives and resupply.

How Do I Progress Though This Chapter?

For “To Catch A Train” you will need to use everything you have learned up until this point to complete a minimally-guided objective of destroying the Turkish trains. Campsites, villages, resources, and water are all reduced as you are now deeper within the desert. Survival and exploration are key to completing this chapter.

Take special notice to the directions given in the player journal. Environmental cues will give away where the trains are and perfect timing will result in you successfully destroying them. The trains will be traveling at regular intervals throughout each day.

Chapter IV – What Need of Machines?

The fourth chapter of REVOLT 1917 will have you piloting a recaptured Turkish tank and advancing the attack on the outskirts of Akaba. You will not be on foot in this chapter, and some gameplay elements such as stamina, hydration, and the player journal are not in effect.

New Gameplay Elements: Tank Warfare

The Ottoman Empire was able to capture a British tank, but we were able to retrieve it from one of the supply trains. You will use the “WASD” keys to pilot the tank across the terrain of the world. Use the mouse to aim and fire the cannon. Ammo for the tank is unlimited.

Tank health is displayed via visual stages of damage. Each ground enemy defeated will drop a health pack to heal your tank. Simply drive over the health pack to use it.

How Do I Progress Though This Chapter?

For “What Need of Machines” you will need to capture each of the 3 flag territories to clear the way for the Arabian soldiers to move in on Akaba. You will capture each territory in the same manner as when on foot, by pressing the “F” key on your keyboard and staying nearby to the flag itself.

Enemies will be on foot and also using mounted turrets to stop you in your tracks. Eliminating turrets first will give you a better chance at survival.

Chapter V – Foundations of Revolt

The final chapter of REVOLT 1917 will have you feature in the attack on the Port of Akaba in the summer of 1917, considered to be the height of the Arab Revolt. All game systems introduced up to this point will be reflected in this chapter, with the exception of the tank.

How Do I Progress Though This Chapter?

For “Foundations Of Revolt” you must follow the quests in order until you are able to push though into Akaba itself. From here, the checkpoint system returns and gameplay is similar to how it was in “Yanbu Firefight”. Complete the chapter and REVOLT 1917 by raising the flag of the Arab Revolt over Akaba!

From here you will return to the main menu of the game.

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