Closers – How to Play Tina

A very basic guide on how to play Tina.

Skills (Rank 1)

This section mainly describes skills in a TLDR; way, as well as explaining their uses.

Imaginary Space

Its the unique passive that Tina starts out with.
Basically all of Tina’s attack are considered as “Chase” conditional attack as long as she is on the ground.

Furthermore, whenever she uses her last basic attack move OR aims at the air with any of her skills, she gains a 20-sec buff that grants her additional critical damage with Physical, Chase and Back attacks by 1.50% each respectively, stacking up to 10 times.
(Stacks up to 15 times at Special Crew)

Also, the passive increases Physical and Back critical damage bonus based on 25% of Chase Damage Bonus. While Chase Critical Damage Bonus increases by 25% of Damage Bonus during empowered state.

Why it is good

Tina’s unique passive allows you to not only benefit from Physical Damage boost, but as well as Chase Damage boost. With her unique buff, she can also benefit from building critical rate on her.

It is also worth noting that she is granted the max stack of the buff when Tina is in empowered state.


One of the skills that Tina starts out with.
Basically just ‘teleports’ Tina foward to the direction that you are travelling, use it when she is in mid-air to teleport slightly further.

When using this skill, Tina will be granted a 10 second buff that increases her total physical power by 5% and physical penetration by 1%.

Why it is good

Dodge attacks ahead of time, get in position, etc. Also, you get a free buff that boosts Tina’s attack damage for 10 second.

Upgrade Skill?

Upgrade only if you want to donate more Skill Points as well as Mana Points to the game.

Close Combat

Offensive skill, grab and knife. Tina will retreat while firing a shotgun upon failure to grab.

Why it is good

Very situational skill. You can use it in a lot of ways.
You can use this skill to get closer to the enemy to setup for the next skill, or you can use this skill to “dodge” enemies attack.

And yes, you can use this skill to “dodge” or travel, since the first attack is a charge, but since you will be grabbing the air (which is a failed grab), your second attack will send you back with a shotgun shot, which means you need to waste another skill to cancel the second attack from this skill.

(It may not sound desirable to waste 2 skills to do so, but trust me, you don’t want to end up getting hit by a flying train/bus/helicopter/truck and get Chain Combo to death)

Upgrade Skill?

Should be at least level 3 for the additional 3rd attack, which allows you to dash behind the enemy and fire a shotgun after knifing.

Higher level for this skill simply increases it’s overall potential damage.


Offensive skill, fires a laserbeam. Let go of the skill key to collect back the laser, aka cancelling this skill.

Why it is good

You get to see a cute loli Tina firing a laser.
Also, it have quite an amazing range, good to kill low-level stuff that is off-screen, though it is good knowing that it also hits pretty hard.

Additionally, you can fire it at an airbound enemy to keep it afloat while waiting for another skill to finish it’s cooldown. (Laser lasts ~2 seconds.)

Upgrade Skill?

Recommended to upgrade it till at least level 6 for the 2nd attack (Blast Bullet).
Basically allows Tina to fire a ‘Bomb’ within 7seconds after firing the laser.
Also, every 0.5 second of the laser fired will generate a stack of ‘Energy’, 4 stacks of Energy will greatly enhance the ‘Bomb’.

Level 10 simply allows the laser to lower the defense of the enemies’ critical defense for 7 second. (As well as equipping a skill cube)

Sharp Shooting

Offensive skill, Tina will tackle enemies by dashing foward, grabbing all of them to a single spot, then proceeds to snipe them with a sniper rifle.
If cast when Tina is dashing, she will simply start shooting her sniper rifle.

Why it is good

Maybe it is one of the weeb’s dream to see a loli girl firing a sniper rifle.
The tackle skill gathers all your enemies into a single spot that is horizontally aligned to you, aka making them easier targets to him.

The sniper rifle hits like a truck, and have an extremely long horizontal range as well.

Upgrade Skill?

Upgrade it to 10, it allows you to fire ~5 more shots within 7 seconds after using the skill. But if used while mid-air, it smacks Tina into the ground like a metor instead.

Note that the second shot fired from this skill is not part of what I mentioned above, it is a Skill Cube obtained at Skill Level 3, aka you can potentially fire about a total of 7 shots with this skill.

Peacemaker (Rank 1 Special)

Offensive skill, fires a minigun in an arc in front of Tina.
Also, you can see her fanning the minigun after the minigun overheats ;v.

Why it is good

You get to see Tina’s cutely fanning the minigun once it overheats.

Its a special skill, thats itself describes what its good for.
But note that Tina’s back is vulnerable (in taking damage) when using this skill, and it takes a moment to cast.

Upgrade Skill?

Upgrade it to at least level 2 to be able to throw the minigun when it overheats, resulting in an explosion.

Note that it also takes a moment to throw the minigun, dont bother doing so if you are going to get hit by a truck.

Skills (Rank 2)

Rapid Fire

Offensive/Travel skill, Tina fires explosive rounds while running a half-circle.

Why it is good

Good mainly for the fact that you are able to do damage while quickly moving.
Note that you can cancel the skill halfway (by casting another skill) as Tina is moving to end up in a different spot (In cast the original endpoint is dangerous)

Upgrade Skill?

I personally recommend to upgrade it to level 10 as it will start to do a lot of damage due to the fact that it will apply a back attack condition too, alongside with the passive chase attack. Not to mention that it will also do increased damage to enemies at high health at level 6.

Upgrading it to level 3 allows you to cast it 1 more time (In the direction you desire, left/right).

Upgrading it to level 6 gives a buff to Tina whenever she casts this skill, which increases the damage of Level 10 Skill Cube ‘Focused Fire’ from ‘Sharp Shooting’.

(Aka the 5 additional shots fired from Sharp Shooting will be buffed)

Hot Shot / Heat Shot

Offensive skill, Tina fires a shot to dispel her heat.

This skill allows Tina to grant a stack of ‘Overheat’ whenever she uses any skill, stacking up to 10 times.
Upon usage of this skill, Tina will comsume 7 stacks of ‘overheat”, and fire a shot that deals damage based on the stack that she had.

(Technically its 6 stack, since using Hot Shot will also grant Tina 1 stack ironically.)
Reach 3, and then 6+ stacks for increased damaged.

Why it is good

  • Stacks Overheats and Cryogens 
  • Vent it on a boss 
  • Watch it’s HP bars get eradicated 

Hits extremely hard upon reaching the 6th stack. Hits even harder if you have Cryogen stacks from ‘I want to be alone’ skill.

Upgrade Skill?

As you can see from my reference image, I maxed it out cause I personally find it the best skill from Tina.

But that does not mean you have to follow me though, since that was my personal opinion. You can leave it at level 1 and it will still hit quite hard if the overheat is stacked properly.

Though its worth noting that it does increased damage to low health targets at level 10, also allowing you to equip a damage boost skill cube (or something) to to further improve it’s functionality.

I want to be alone

Defensive skill, Tina simply hides in a fridge and becomes immune to all damage when doing so. Relase the skill key to cancel the skill, skill holds up to ~1.5 seconds.

Why it is good

A good skill to simply ‘block’ any attack that would otherwise be fatal or impossible to dodge.

Upgrade Skill?

At least upgrade it to level 6, as it will allow granting of Cryogen stacks upon casting this spell, which is used mainly for ‘Hot Shot’ as well as ‘Cool Your Head’.

It is worth noting that at level 3, the fridge will explode, dealing decent amount of damage that potentially knocks back enemies.

Also, at level 10, you will regenerate 20% of HP/MP and 10% of Phase force if you get hit in 0.1 second upon casting this skill.

Battlefield (Rank 2 Special)

Offensive Skill, Tina fires salvos of homing missiles into the sky, falling back down and damage enemies as a AoE.

It is worth noting that it takes some time for the skill to be cast, Tina is vulnerable to damage while doing so.

Why it is good

Hits extremely hard, and does AoE all around Tina and every single enemy (due to the fact that it locks on to every enemy).

Upgrade Skill?

Upgrade it to level 10, you will see it’s damage potentially increase by a lot, due to the fact that most of it’s skill cubes provides damage.

Skills (Rank 3)

Cool your head

Offensive Skill, Tina drops a refridgerator, the fridge then releases Cryo air that damages as well as suck in enemies for ~1.5 seconds before exploding.

Note: this skill is obtained by crafting using 30 Lucky Phase Token. You should at least have it once you reach Official Agent (unless you personally do not wish to invest in this skill)

Why it is good

Hits hard, sucks in enemy into a concentrated spot which makes them easier target to hit.

Upgrade Skill?

I highly recommend you to upgrade it to level 10 due to the increased potential damage and reduced cooldown.

At level 10, the cooldown will be reduced by 2second, with an additional 20% physical damage if cast within 0~3 skill chains.

At level 6, it’s damage output will increase if there is a Cryogen stack (does not consume any stacks upon usage).

Trick Shot

Offensive/Movement Skill, Tina fires a shotgun while leaping back.

Why it is good

Simply for the movement itself.
(I de-assigned this skill due to the fact that I don’t find myself using it much in the first place)

Upgrade Skill?

Just upgrade it to level 3, there is no real reason to upgrade it any further since it is not really a main source of damage (neither does it do a lot of damage).

At level 3, you can cast it 1 more time within a 5 second timeframe.

Pot Shot / Wild Shot

Offensive/Defensive Skill, Tina becomes the loudest loli girl alive, and then does ninjitsu with 2 pistol.
(Note that this skill is actually casts Wild Shot 5 times)

Why it is good

Hits hard in an AoE around Tina, takes significantly less damage while casting.
Also, Tina will ♥♥♥in enemies towards her while casting.

Upgrade Skill?

Upgrade it to level 10, it grants Tina a temporary Damage Bonus% buff whenever ‘Wild Shot’ is cast.

Phantom Snipe

Offensive Skill, Tina prones down with a sniper rifle and aims at her target. Release the skill key to let Tina pull the trigger.

When Tina prones, a aim-zone icon appears on top of her head, if you release the skill key when a dot appears in the aim-zone, the shot will be considered a Headshot instead, dealing more damage.
(Aiming towards the air always counts as headshot, and does significantly more damage)

Why it is good

Extremely long range and literally tears down enemies health.
If you have tried this skill then you probably know why its good.

Aiming for enemies while they are knocked-up/mid-air is potentially better with this ability, since it does more damage and have shorter cast time compared to aiming at ground-to-ground targets.
(Use this skill onairborn enemies while you are on the ground, using it while you are in the air requires you to take aim first to get headshots.)

Upgrade Skill?

Upgrade it to level 10, it will significantly increase it’s damage by a lot.
It will also grant Tina a buff that increases her chase damage by 15% whenever she fires headshot from this ability.

Finish Them

Offensive Skill, Tina becomes a hackerman and hack a satellight that causes some massive explosion at the desinated location.

As stated, hold down the skill to aim, release to fire.

Why it is good

Like Sylvi, you use a satellight, but unlike her, you preserve the enviroment by not leaving a large heap of junk behind. You also save the trouble for some man to rebuild the satellight again.

This part is probably self-explantory if you have used it before.

Upgrade Skill?

Upgrade it to level 10 to increase it’s potential damage output by a significant amount.

Stats Overview

If you had already read all of her abilities, you probably would notice a trend:

  • Tina hits like as hard as a oil tanker.
  • Tina does a lot of Critical Damage. (Physical/Chase)
  • Tina always deal Chase Conditial Damage. 

So you put on a lot of cute and kawaii gear for Tina to improve her Physical and Chase damage. You are free to put on gear that gives you prue Psi damage and screenshot your gear to let others lose their brain cells.

Then you focus on increasing Critical Hit rate for both chase and physical so that you can pray to RNGesus.
Increasing Critical Damage it a plus too if you can.

Those will then be your main source of damage, afterwards you can add in some delicious seasoning to your stats to make it better.


Wat is defense when everything in this game is a glass cannon?

Go for Ring/Necklace/Teddy-bears/Dolls/etc that comes in a set that would give you a Physical/Chase/Crit boost. Your defense will come naturally as you find and equip better sets.

Skill Usages / Combo

Now theres a tons of ways and no real way to setup a perfect combo.
As long as you don’t rake your keyboard like its a piano or smash your keyboard like Kotoha from Mitusboshi Colors when she is playing her console, you are doing it right.

Also, pressing a key that does nothing is absolutely is definately not the correct way to play it too.

I highly recommend most of your combos involves around airborn targets, since Tina hits airborn targets harder.

Also, if you are not doing damage at any point of time due to waiting for cooldown, then you are definately doing your combo wrongly.

For starters, here is a stupid, example combo to enjoy

Note: Only works on targets that can be knocked-up. Also, it doesn’t seem to work well on areas that have a low ceiling or invisible roof.

Once you have finished the tutorial/starting, your ‘Close Combat’ would probably have that additional-hit which lets Tina uses a shotgun after knifing, and that shotgun hit would most likely knock up most enemies you encounter.

(This is also true when Tina uses a shotgun due to a grab failure)

So, rush in with A -> A, then facing the enemy, ‘↑ + Z’ -> Z -> Z -> Z -> Z, then repeat from step 1.

Using that, you will constantly launch the enemy in the air with ‘Close Combat’ and keep it in the air with your basic attacks.

After your basic attack finishes, your ‘Closer Combat’ cooldown should be over, which allows Tina to launch the enemy back into the air again.

Of course you can mix in some skills as well to keep the enemies in the air.

One such example: A -> A, ‘↑ + Z’ -> Z -> ‘opp-Direction + Z’ -> ‘↑ + S’

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