Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Easy Credits in Breach Mode

Few tips on how to easily farm lots of Credits in Breach Mode. No microtransactions required.

Excess Baggage Fees

So the topmost reason for your need of Credits may be the recently added achievement Excess Baggage Fees, which is an obvious attempt of Square Enix to make you spend real money as the required 6 Expansion Kits are an extremely rare drop and are completely random.

 Excess Baggage Fees
Breach: Complete a server using 6 Expansion Items at once.

Expansion Kits are found in at least an Enhancer Pack, which costs 15,000, but can also be part of Universe Packs – those are packs that I can confirm drop Expansions, there may be other ones too. This is what the items look like:

Whatever your reason is, the methods below should show you a relatively easy and quick way to farm lots of item rewards and Credits for FREE, so you don’t have to support the silly microtransactions that Breach was designed for.

Friend Challenges

The easiest method to farm Credits once you have completed all Breach servers and have run out of normal ways to earn them is to beat Friend Challenges. This can be achieved if you ask a friend to send you easy ones such as beat S01_LAVAWALL in NETWORK_00 in 15 seconds.

Upon completion, the rewards will be as follows:

The Victor:

  • 13,000-15,000 Credits
  • Victory Pack

The Loser:

  • 3,000-4,000 Credits
  • Backup Pack

You can use the items from packs to sell them for even more Credits, the most valuable ones being Weapon Attachments (3,000 Credits) and Nuke Viruses (3,000-5,000 Credits). Refer to the video below for a demonstration of how quickly you can send and beat a Friend Challenge in S01_LAVAWALL.

Note that if you fail a Friend Challenge 3 times, you will become “The Loser” and will receive a Backup Pack while your friend will earn the Victory Pack.

Alternative Steam Account Method

Unfortunately, a user can only send between 3 and 5 Friend Challenges a day. These can be refilled with Firewall Keys which if you have finished most levels already will be hard to come by. A Firewall Key costs 50,000 Credits so if you want to earn Credits, then this seems counter-intuitive.

That’s where an alternative Steam account comes in place. If you have another account (or a family member who isn’t interested in Deus Ex), you can share the license and set up Family Share to allow them to access Breach for free. With their fresh account, you will have LOTS of Credits to purchase Firewall Keys with and send your main account Friend Challenges.

You will only need to complete the tutorial and you will be able to buy at least 5-10 Firewall keys, which is worth 15-30 Friend Challenges for your main account.

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