GTA 4: The Lost and Damned – 100% Completion Guide

This guide will show you how to achieve 100% completion and all rewards for GTA: The Lost and Damned.

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Story Missions

To achieve 100% completion you have to complete a total of 22 Storyline missions (Clean and Serene to Get Lost).

Gang Wars

After playing through “Coming Down” Gang Wars will be available. There are 50 locations and 3 different types of gang war: Hanging out Wars, Cruising Wars and Transportation Wars. Only 25 missions need to be completed for 100% completion. For every 10 gang wars a new weapon will be dropped in the safehouse. Here is a list of all the weapons:

  • 10 Gang Wars – Sawed Off Shotgun
  • 20 Gang Wars – Automatic 9mm
  • 30 Gang Wars – Carbine Rifle
  • 40 Gang Wars – Assault Shotgun
  • 50 Gang Wars – Grenade Launcher

Bike Races

Just like most GTA games there are a couple of races, but the Lost and Damned races are a bit different because of the combat. During these bike races Johnny will be able to knock others off their bikes with a baseball bat.

There are total of 12 bike races, the first race will earn Johnny $500, after each race $250 will be added to this total. After winning all 12 races a Hakuchou will spawn at the safehouse.

You do not have to win all races for 100% completion,
you only have to complete it.

Angus’ Bike Theft

The bike thefts are very similar to the Exotic Exports and Stevie’s Car Thefts that can be completed in GTA IV and can be triggered by calling Angus. There are a total of 10 motorcycles that Angus needs. For each motorcycle without any damage Johnny will receive $1,400 for moderate damage up to $900 or $600 and for heavy damage only $400. After bringing all motorcycles to the Lost MC Clubhouse a Bati 800 will spawn outside all Johnny’s safehouses.

Stubb’s Dirty Laundry

This group of side missions can be triggered by calling Thomas Stubbs. There are a total of 5 missions that will be randomly selected. For completing a mission Johnny will be awarded with $1.000

Friends and Encounters

Johnny has 2 good friends, Terry Thorpe and Clay Simons. He has to do every friendship activity with each friend. These activities are: Air Hockey, Darts, Drinking, Eating, Pool, Show and Strip Club.

There are also 3 random encounters which Johnny has to complete. 2 are with Malc and 1 with Dave Grossman. Malc is located at the west of the Pay ‘n’ Spray in Northwood and his missions will be available after “Shifting Weights”.

Grossman’s missions will be available after completing “This Sh¡t’s Cursed” and he will be standing in front of Goldberg, Ligner & Shyster building.

Here are 2 videos that might help you find Malc and Grossman.



Seagulls are very similar to GTA IV’s pigeons and are exactly the same as in The Ballad of Gay Tony.
Johnny has to shoot a total of 50 Seagulls for 100% completion. After killing all 50 Seagulls Johnny will be awarded with an Innovation motorcycle that will spawn at the safehouse and is deliverable by


Johnny has to win a game of Arm Wrestling, Pool, Darts and Air Hockey. And if you might lose a game you can always kill your opponent for a full refund!


The ability to buy unlimited ammunition.

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