Who’s in the Box? – 100% Achievement Guide

In order to obtain all the achievements, you will need to find 30 objects, 24 of which are required to be found in a specific order, described by the story and the other 6 can be found at any point in time.
This guide shows the location of all the objects and the right order to find them.

Story Objects

These objects are required for progressing with the story. They must be put in the box in this specific order.

Who's in the Box? - 100% Achievement Guide

  1. Potted Cactus
  2. Toy Railway
  3. Credit card
  4. Jackhammer
  5. Guinea pig
  6. Megaphone
  7. Can of cat food
  8. Ice axe
  9. Milk package
  10. Parrot
  11. Rubber ducky
  12. Guitar
  13. Empty cage
  14. Swiss Army knife
  15. Rifle
  16. Artifical eye
  17. Motel room card key (Room 13)
  18. Baby doll
  19. Corkscrew
  20. Teaspoon
  21. Flashlight
  22. Shampoo
  23. Spirit board
  24. Spellbook

Extra Objects

These objects are not required in order to complete the story, but will award one achievement each when you try putting them in the box.

Who's in the Box? - 100% Achievement Guide

  1. Pillow
  2. Mystic amulet
  3. Axe
  4. Key
  5. Bonsai
  6. Picklock
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