The Signal From Tolva – Detailed Polar Region Map

A detailed map for The Signal from Tolva Polar Region (from the free expansion patch) showing Artifact Signals, Snooper Parcels, the exact locations of Resource items. Additionally a secret area and how to reach it marked on the map. And a few other nifty tips have been added, like the locations of all Spiders/Cows.

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The Detailed Polar Region Map

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The Signal From Tolva - Detailed Polar Region Map


  • For convenience, all the regions are named on the map. This can slightly help find all of them for the Traveller achievement.
  • Also named are the hazard areas that require a specific level of hazard suit to enter them. A suit upgraded to level 1 lets you enter the red’ish Heavy Ionizing Radiation areas; a level 2 upgrade opens up the green’ish Chemical Hazard areas; and finally at level 3 the purple’ish Psionic Hazard areas become explorable. 
  • Even though the Scan locations are clearly marked by the game, the actual exact location of the Artifact Signal is not. Quite often the artifact is quite a bit away from the game’s marker. Note that the artifact signal in the Probability Chasms’ maze is actually under ground in the neighboring area. Also at least 0-2 survey signals are still missing!
  • The Snooper Parcels have been clearly marked. Apparently I am missing 0-2 of them though. 
  • All the Resource locations (I found) have been marked. 
  • The game already marks the Anomalous Material locations, I added resource fragment counters to these markers. 
  • The Military Bunker and Spawn Beacon markers are shown for completeness. 
  • When exploring you can encounter the “Spider”s (sentries) and “Cow”s. 
  • There seems to be only one interesting secret area in the region, this has been marked, plus an arrow denotes how to get to it. 
  • A few other things of note: places I was able to “exit” the map. 
  • As a reminder, the Maze in the region has been marked. 
  • Bonus: Added my solution for the maze in Probability Chasms, scribbled at the top the map. Note I had to exit the maze via teleport, I presently do not know how to actually solve exiting the maze again.
Written by AEon

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