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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Legendary Ranger

Written by One-Eyed Mayfly   /   Apr 18, 2018    
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Legendary Ranger

If you're looking to bring a Ranger into Legendary, this is the guide to read.

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Why Play a Ranger?

  • Constant resupply. You give everyone ammo, especially useful if a certain character doesn't have infinite ammo builds. This allows for more variation in the team. Specials spawn like crazy in Legend, so there is no shortage of pickups. 

  • Bombs! There's nothing 4 bombs can't handle. Bombs are rare in Legend, you will likely only find 2 in the whole map. Legend will inevitably give you the finger at some point, so be ready to give it a finger back. 

  • Invisibility. Not a popular pick, but it is one of the strongest invisibilities in the game, since it doesn't dispel after attacking. You can swing away without care, because you will remain invisible. 

  • Extra ammo and ranged power, if you're so inclined.

The Importance of Bombs

The Ranger has a lot of solid and situtaional picks in this talent tree. I can't really tell you what the best combination would be. He's pretty well balanced like that. If you have a slow weapon, maybe pick the attack speed. If you want more health, pick the healing magnification. You get the picture, he has a flexible talent tree. If you want self-healing, get Catch a Breath.

However, there is one ability that shines like a blazing hot sun in the night sky and you should take it.

Battle-Brew: 25% chance of a bomb dropping from a special.

I cannot stress this enough. This is one of the biggest reasons you pick the Ranger. You want your team stacked with 4 bombs, and that's never going to happen unless you have a Ranger. 4 bombs is the difference between an auto-wipe and a continuing run.

Legend has the inevitability of spawning a chaos horde, a normal horde, and 4 specials on top of you at the same time. This will usually wipe any functioning team. You can be a great team, but you'll just lose. It happens. So what can you do about this?

If you're running Ranger, you're countering that inevitability with preparation. You'll have those 4 bombs ready to go, and you can deny the game its victory. It's a great feeling.

Using Your Ultimate Ability

Yes, your ultimate does not deal 10k damage at the click of a button. But, it has some other uses. It keeps you and your teammates safe. Before you get overwhelmed, try to see it coming. Use your ultimate, and then start killing them from within the smoke. You remain invisible, even after attacking. Sometimes you will need to block an attack, if they started attacking before you used your ultimate.

I like to use 40% CDR, so I can use my ult whenever I feel ike it. It's good insurance and preserves my healthbar, so use it up.

You can also pick people up from within the smoke.

Tips and Tricks

These can be applied to any character, but some will be specific to Ranger:

  • Bomb patrols! This is Ranger's specialty. 
  • Use your F ability a little early, since it takes time to activate. 
  • Check around for bombs. The game won't tell you if they have dropped, so inspect special corpses. Ping them for teammates, as well. 
  • If you use the Warpick, it has two charge attacks. The first is fast, but the second comes by holding the charge. When Bardin's arms move a second time, then you are using the more powerful charge attack. 
  • Use your ranged weapon for things that would be risky in melee. 
  • Have the patience to learn melee. Good melee players can solo entire hordes. You should aspire to that, and no matter how good you think you are, your are far from great.

Written by One-Eyed Mayfly.