Stonies – How to Get Crystals

This guide explains how to get Crystals in the game.

Possibility #1 – Payments

There are a number of ways to earn Crystals. Of course, the simplest way is to purchase them for real money in the Crystal Shop (the + next to your Crystal display).

By paying for Crystals, you can help us to maintain our servers, secure regulare maintenance, and make sure that we can provide you with regular updates and bug fixes. Furthermore, with a payment (or payments) you make sure that your questions and problems are dealt with in time 😉

Of course, it is not necessary to pay – though you’re supporting the game and help to improve it. If you decide to occasionally buy some Crystals, we’re very grateful for it.

Possibility #2 – Crystal Fragments

You can also get Crystals for free by collecting Crystal Fragments. If you have gathered 100 of them, you can turn them into one Crystal in your inventory.

How do I get Crystal Fragments?

You receive Crystal fragments as rewards for completing certain objectives, for example you can send idle Stonies to pray at the Circle of Worship. You can also gain Crystals fragments from some decorations (especially decorations that were bonus items for Crystal purchases) which will then provide you with fragments on a regular basis.

Possibility #3 – Picture Bundles

This is a possibility you receive a bit later in the game.

In Stonies, you can also make picture bundles for your cave paintings in the cave. Duplicates can be recycled for Crystal fragments as well, which you can then again put together into Crystals.

Possibility #4 – Daily Login

Each day, you receive a small gift in Stonies when you start the game. If you start the game five days in a row, you receive a big package of ressources as well as three divine Crystals. Just make sure to drop by each day and gather your bonus!

Stonies - How to Get Crystals

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