God of War – All Artifacts Locations

God of War – All Artifacts Locations Guide (Curator Trophy Walkthrough).

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Curator Trophy Walkthrough

There are a total of 45 Artifacts / Artefacts to find in God of War. Each Artifact belongs to a specific group and there are 7 groups in total.

None of the Artifacts are missable, you can go back and get them at any point in the story. In fact, I advise doing this as you won’t be able to get all of the artifacts until you have certain abilities. However, you can follow this as you play through the game and you will be able to get most of them.

Collecting all 45 of the Artifacts will reward you with the “The Curator” trophy. You can also sell the Artifacts for a lot of Hacksilver.

Artifact Group Timeline:

  • 00:00 – Wildwoods (Lost and Found) 
  • 02:19 – The River Pass (The Faces of Magic) 
  • 06:38 – The Mountain (Bottoms Up) 
  • 11:03 – Shores of Nine (Abandon Ship) 
  • 12:40 – Lookout Tower (Abandon Ship) 
  • 13:20 – Cliffs of the Raven (Abandon Ship) 
  • 13:56 – Stone Falls (Abandon Ship) 
  • 14:32 – Forgotten Caverns (Abandon Ship) 
  • 15:00 – Isle of Death (Abandon Ship) 
  • 15:59 – Veithurgard (Horns pf Veithurgard) 
  • 19:13 – Alfheim (Spoils of War) 
  • 22:59 – Helheim (Family Heirloom)

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