World of Tanks Blitz – Gameplay Tips for Beginners

Choose the Right Tank for You

Every tanks has to played differently to have good results. So choose a line which forgives mistakes e.g. the soviet heavy line or the american heavy line. These are usually beginner friendly lines due to the bouncy armor and good cannons. Your tank has to fit your playstyle or you will be frustrated very easily and the game should be played for fun in first place.

Lern Your Role in the Battle

You chose a tank and you are ready to fight but you don’t know what to do? It’s very important to know what you have to do and how you should react in various situatons. The easiest way to learn this is to watch/read online guides to your type of tank. Here is a short summary of the tank roles in general:

  • Heavy Tanks – Those are usually heavy armored tanks with much health and are best in protecting other tanks from damage. 
  • Medium Tanks – They support heavy tanks or they try to sneak up from behind. 
  • Light Tanks – They are also in a supporter role but are most common as scouts and trying to keep the enemies visible.
  • Tank Destroyer – The snipers between the tanks. Usually longranged and heavy armed tanks. Try to avoid confrontation. 

How to Spend XP, Time and Credits

I recommend playing one main tanks at the time. What many players do is they start a tank line here and there and at the and they have 7 different lines they wanna grind and no credits. Especially at the beginning you can’t afford to buy every tank you want so just play one tank at a time (max. two tank lines). You also grind your main line faster and you reach the big machines.

Another (for me) important aspect is that you should research every module you can so later tanks can usually use these modules again. Most tanks are reaching their full might when they are fully researched. Every tank can be played successful.

How to Shoot

I see many players just auto-aiming and shooting and then raging about the game. It’s important to knwo that every tank has weak spots. Look them up online, in guides or find out for yourself. Aim for these spots and your shot goes through armor easiely.

If you shoot, shoot only when you are covered. A simple rule: avoid getting damage before deal damage. And you will be alive longer.


Play with other players in a platoon! If they are better than you, you can learn from them playing. You can find platoon mates if you simply ask in chats who wants to play platoon Tier XY. You’ll maybe find new friends 🙂

2x XP Reward

2x XP reward for the first win of the day is an intentional game motivation. But it can be a trap! If you have many tanks don’t try to get the 2x XP reward for every tank. Your winrate will suffer because you cant’t really get into playing a type of tank if you play different tanks. I recommend to choose 1-2 main tanks and just play with them. If you have 2 tanks, choose tanks which are played similar.

When you die in a battle you can play with your 2nd main tank. Although it’s better to stay in the game and watch other play and learn from them. (You can even learn from their mistakes).


Use them! They can make the difference between losing and winning. Don’t save your credits on this stuff. You can even use premium ammo BUT not as you main ammo. If you use premium ammo, use it just in emergency cases. (1-5 HE Shells are recommended for tanks without armor).


Doesn’t matter if you’re in a platoon or not. Don’t forget that this is a team game! Don’t drive alone or you die early in the game. Don’t block your teammates or they will die. Help your teammates if you see they are in trouble.


Use the chat to give important information or simply use your hotkeys F4-F8. These commands are maybe life savers and you should really look in the chat for them.

And always remember: It’s a game. Don’t insult other people just because they are bad. Instead tell them what they do wrong and help them make it better next time. If you’re getting insulted in the chat, simply ingnore them. You know better and they are probably just mad. Stay cool and don’t let them distract you from playing this game.

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