Broken Ground – How to Get the Mjollnir Weapon

This guide will teach you how to get the Mjollnir weapon in Broken Ground.


The Mjollnir in Broken Ground is a melee weapon resembling a hammer which can be unlocked through an easter egg on the map “Valhalla”. In this guide I will teach you how to unlock the map “Valhalla”, get the Mjollnir, and go over the weapon’s basics.

Unlocking Valhalla

The first step to unlocking Mjollnir is obviously to unlock the map where it can be found.
To unlock Mjollnir, your Broken Ground account must reach 50 deaths.
You can check your deaths by going to the “statistics” tab:

Broken Ground - How to Get the Mjollnir Weapon

Once this happens, you should get a notification saying you have unlocked the map.
The map should be listed to the right of “Biodome” and to the left of the “generated” map sets in the level selector.

Unlocking the Mjollnir

To unlock the Mjollnir, you will need to launch a game with your friend, or, if you are very diplomatic you might be able to get some random players to help you in a public game.

Once you get into the game, you and your friend will need to approach both of these two odd circlular symbols. You should both position yourselves in front of one. When you press X, a light of thunder will strike above you. When both have been pressed, you will trigger an event in the map.

Broken Ground - How to Get the Mjollnir Weapon

When you do this, the Mjollnir should come flying down into the middle area of the map.
Walk up to it and press X. You will collect the hammer.
Once you’ve done that, finish your game and go to your inventory, and you should see it!

What Does the Mjollnir Do?

The Mjollnir is a melee weapon, which you can use to fling enemies across the map.
It is unique in that it uses a slot-machine mechanic which triggers when you fire the weapon, and based on how many slots you match the damage will increase, as well as how far your enemy will go.

The best combination is 3 skulls, which can do up to 38 damage and completely launch your opponent across the map. Other combinations will do less, but still punt enemies to a degree.

It should be noted that 3 skulls is the only full combination that the game allows you to get, meaning it is impossible to get 3 sevens, or 3 leaves, etc.

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