Warspear Online – Item Collecting Achievements

Some achievements in the fun section require the player to wander around the world looking for monster drops. That would be easy if only the descriptions weren’t riddles. Should the riddles prove to be too difficult, this guide is exactly what you need.


The achievements are unlocked once the player has the three (or four) items in their inventory at the same time. Each of these achievements grant one sign of glory (achievement point), for a total of five.


  • Arrowhead – There are gross spiders in the southern part of the map. They are quite common and hard to miss.
  • Animal Tongue – Wolves around the Snake Ring drop these.
  • Strand of Hair – Kill a yeti; those are found in the northern part of the map.


  • Scarlet Blood – Most low level human mobs drop this. One such place is below Glad’s mansion.
  • Cemetery Moss – Find some undead before the gates of the military town.
  • Bloodshot Eye – These are dropped by most demons around the last town. 


  • Shiny particle – On the road to the port, there are a couple of wisps.
  • Satyr Horn – The western and south-western part of the map is filled with satyrs. If you’ve been playing an elf, these horns should be very familiar.
  • Dangerous leaf – A bunch of carnivorous flowers lives in the south-eastern part of the island.

Note: Names are a bit off as I have never done this one myself.


  • Thigh Bone – Animals in the north-western corner have bones.
  • Crispy Wing – This treat can be looted from the goblins pestering Thomas’ farmstead.
  • Strand of Hair – No yetis here, but luckily the lizardmen and the gnolls aren’t bald. 


While all monsters are reachable by anyone, keeping to one’s own side of the central mountain range is 90% less fatal.


  • Thorn of Burdock – All felines and canines in the vicinity of Armor Cliff drop these.
  • Shining Stone – The birds preying along the road to Scouts Camp are rather attracted to anything shiny.
  • Bezoar – Listening to Snape won’t help here, as these bezoars are found inside the oddly-coloured cats sprawling on the foot of Gray Mountains. 


  • Thorn of Burdock – The panthers here tend to not mind the spiky plants.
  • Shining Stone – These birds are no different to those living on the other side of the mountains …ooh, shiny!
  • Bezoar – Just below Kamp Riff is a pack of fearsome (and green) nephrite warthogs. 

Norlant Swamps

This is the place where some become rich and some become lost (and usually with broken armor). While the swamps can be accessed early, surviving whatever these wetlands throw at the player isn’t easy. Skill and adequate gear recommended. All items have “receiving” parameter, meaning it isn’t possible to buy these from other players. A map showing the locations is useless, as finding the right location is very much a lottery – random teleports are fun.

  • Frogl Egg – Islands full of frogls are the easiest, though picking a fight with the wrong creature makes the whole pack come at you. Attacking a blue frogl, however, is completely safe: they fight alone and do little damage. Almost always.
  • Gnoll Saliva – The best places to slaughter some gnolls are either the tellus stone aqveducts (just make sure not to go anywhere near the instakill pylons) and the aqueducts used in the “Norlant Aqueducts” quest. Note that they’re all elite monsters and may do some damage.
  • Meaty Wings – Introducing your favourite flying lizard, the wyvern. Being burned to crisp is half the fun. While wyverns never attack in group, they see pretty far. It’s best to find a location with wyverns of solitude, unless you have good gear or want to fight with your pants on fire.


  • Stale Loaf – Most slaves of the filth drop these, though if fighting four monsters simultaneously is too much, a visit to the greedy ranger’s mansion in Maliat fixes the problem. 
  • Honeycomb – These are dropped by termites around Tlasko. The slaves of the filth above the Rotting Garden also have these.
  • Kidney – The firefoxes and filthbots around Maliat city are the beast to go for a british pie.
  • Joint – Most other monsters near Maliat and Tlasko are the source for these, for example bears, totolis and ayotls.
Written by Kalakeitto

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