Carsteroids – Main Characters

Carsteroids main story characters.

Buntan Tarrionwood

A pilot who tries to make money doing honest jobs found on the Bulletin Board System. His dream is to become an Elite commander one day.
He pilots a red “Viper CR2” carship capable to temporary recharge its hex-shield by scooping the arena energy barriers while the shield is active.

The Parasite

A pirate hiding in the main asteroid belt. His task is “collecting” cargo from travellers passing by. He uses an advanced stealth system to surprise his victims.

He pilots an enhanced model of “Viper CR2”, (the XT version) with the stealth system directly mounted on the carship’s back. He prefers to use a beam energy weapon to strike his opponents.

Vesta Troopers

Loyal troopers that represents the law on Vesta. Their main task is to control that the games are correctly played. They drive a powered-up white carship equipped with a red hex-shield that can ovverride all the energy weapons.

Commodore Dorn Naka – Governor of Vesta

An experienced ex-soldier from the Earth colonies. He became Governor right after the mining age was over. He created the Carsteroids gameshow to “avoid the war”.

Terrowin Bonegrinder – Stage 15 Champion

He entered in the Carsteroids arenas during his slavery. After an acclaimed survival, he became the stage 15 boss champion. He pilots a really powered-up custom tank.

Nika Mecha

An ex Vestal kicked out from the order. Her big skills on fixing carships are well known by the game competitors. She’s the best and really fast, but a little expensive.

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