The Hardest Dungeon – Survival Guide


How to avoid traps:

  • Fire trap: Activates as you get too close, best practice is to run past it, before it even activates.
    Otherwise, wait until it stop blowing out flame and run for it. Just like crossing a road with traffics. 
  • Spikes: Similar to the fire trap, however, spikes will trigger itself with or without your presence. So time your movement right before moving past it. 
  • Rock fall: This is trigger randomly. However, as long as you keep going your current direction, it will not hit you. Do not panic and move back, you will fall right under the rock! 

Power Ups

  • Star: Grants your hero “Invincibility” for a short duration (indicated by the jumpy tune)
  • Skull: Curse your hero for a short duration with random debuffs (Blindness, Slow, Crazy speed, Screen shake and Disable movement)
  • Heart: Heal your current hero immediately (so make sure you heal the right hero!) 


There are 7 types of gems that you can equip by right clicking on the gem:

  • White: Diamond
  • Orange: Sun stone
  • Red: Ruby
  • Blue: Sapphire
  • Green: Emerald
  • Yellow: Topaz
  • Purple: Amethyst

Each type of gem grants your heroes different bonus.
To un-equip the gem, simply right click it again in your inventory.
To destroy a gem from your inventory, just double click on it.

Tarot Cards

At the beginning of the game, you will receive one tarot card.
To use this card, you will need to collect “Soul Energy” from defeated monsters.
Each monster will grant you 1 soul.
After collecting 10 souls, the blue orb at the mid-bottom of the user interface will start to glow rapidly. You can then activate your tarot card by calling out the tarot panel (clicking the “Up” arrow).

Tick the check box next to the card you want to activate (card not yet unlocked will be grey).

Each card has its own special game changing effect!
You can check the card description by placing your cursor over the card user interface.

  • Chariot: Increase hero movement speed 
  • Death: Revive all your heroes, but with 1 HP left 
  • Devil: All monsters now only drop skull as power up 
  • Emperor: Disable all traps 
  • Empress: Grant you infinite healing potions 
  • Fool: Monster becomes handicapped while moving, except boss 
  • Wheel of Fortune: Grant you a random tarot effect, even ones you have not unlocked 
  • Hanged Man: Your current sacrifice him/herself to revive all other team members, with 1 HP left 
  • Hermit: Your torch never runs out, view distance also increased 
  • Hierophant: Summon two followers to fight for you 
  • Judgement: Randomly destroy monsters on the map 
  • Justice: All monsters HP reduced by 50%, including boss 
  • Lover: Monster will not actively attack you, unless you attack them 
  • Magician: All monster will randomly drop a power up on the map immediately 
  • Moon: Monster are blinded and will not attack you actively, but still damage you if you gets too close 
  • Priestess: Occasionally heal your whole team 
  • Star: All monster will drop a star after they die. However, the invincible effect granted by such star will be shortened 
  • Strength: Your team no longer need to eat (Hunger stays at 0%) 
  • Sun: The map occasionally reveals iteself 
  • Temperance: Camping replenishes full HP to all surviving team members 
  • World: Randomly teleport your hero to a spot on the map, grants invincibility for a short duration 
  • Tower: Randomly strikes a monster with lightning. Will target another monster after the current target is destroyed

Important Tips

  • Always keep your torch lit, otherwise you will constantly be subject to surprise attack by monsters sneaking around you. 
  • Remember to feed your team of heroes. 
  • After leveling up, place points into “Armor” (bottom interface, third rune from the left) can increase your chance to dodge attacks (not traps!) and also grants your heroes extra armor (for every 10 points allocated). Armor works like extra health, but does not stop damage from traps! 
  • Remember to stay mobile, don’t stand at the same spot to fight monsters! Keep moving!
Written by Pippala Games

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