BATTLETECH – Mechbay & Customizing Mechs

Brief guide with general advice on how to navigate the Mechbay and customize Mechs.

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Adding and Removing a Mech to a Mechbay Slot

To add a new Mech to an open slot, click on the storage tab. There you can see Mechs and the qnty (has to be at least 1). Click on the Mech and “unpack” it – it normally takes 1 day and will fill/take the first open Mechbay slot.

Note: currently (as of early May ’18) you cannot move Mechs around to different slots. The developers have heard complaints and we’ll see if they make changes!

Once the Mech is “Unpacked”, you can then customize it.

To store a Mech already in a Mechbay, click on it and click on the bottom right icon “Send to Storage.” Be careful because the Orange button scraps the Mech for a few C-Bills. NEVER SCRAP A MECH, always store it and sell in the store, you will almost always get more C-Bills as long as the faction/world your on doesn’t hate you.

Customizing Mechs

A few points of advice on custmozing your Mech:

  1. Top left panel/area provides projected Mech performance and tells you what you can and cannot put in the selected Mech. 
  2. You do not always have to fill or use every hardpoint. Make sure you have a nice balance of firepower and heat efficiency so you can fire you weapons as often as possible. It’s better to have 4 medium lasers (25 dmg each = 100 dmg total) you can fire every turn than 1 large laser (40 dmg) you can fire every turn. 
  3. Medium lasers are some of the most powerful weapons (heat efficient with decent damage), especially when paired with high gunnery Mechwarriors as well as using precision strike. 
  4. Use all tonnage on your Mech, leave nothing on the table. Increase armor or remove a weapon or support weapon so you can add an extra heatsink. 
  5. Jump jets on all your Mechs – while this is a personal preference, jump jets allow you to reposition, build more evasion and, when the time is right, DFA! Jump jets let you take advantage of the terrain and can allow you to put a hill between you and the enemy quickly. They can also help you reposition to make sure you facing your enemies. I put jump jets on ALL my Mechs. 
  6. Equipment Upgrades/Mods – periodically review your inventory as you’ll pick up interesting pieces that could prove useful. I leverage cockpit mods (increase the number of injuries your Mechwarrior can take) and rangefinder and morale boosting mods. 
  7. Have fun! Try different things out and find the setup that suits your play style! 

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