Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time – Fast Pollux Coin Grind

You guys want Frog Girl Achievement. But still stuck farming Pollux Coins forever. Just to complete Sub Event: Budget Crisis? Then here’s the the way to grind.

Step #1: Set Game Difficulty

With higher Difficulty, there will be more mob spawn in the zone with more loot drop rate. I recommend you do on:

  • Very Hard DIfficulty. with a resonable mobs health and drop rate.
  • Easy Slowest way you can grind with lowest mob and lowest drop rate.
  • Normal Less mobs in the zone with less drop.
  • Hard Reasonable drop, for slow Grinder guy i guess? 
  • Inferno you face Extra Big monsters, with Rapid health rege so it’s make you grind slower.

It’s also good to mention that if Quest fail you got just exp and notthing back with you. So choose Difficulty as your Character & skill power that you can output at that point, that make you feel run smooth both Mob clear and melting bosses.

Step #2: Key Selection

I Recommend:

  • Lesser key of Pollux Lv.1

If you choose higher level key, Mobs loot pool will be more than just Pollux Coin so you get less Coins than your suppost to get with lv.1 key on one run.

Step #3: Character of Choices

Highly Recommend:

  • Akko
  • Lotte
  • Diana

With the high base Luck pool So you can build status easier and have more item drop.

Step #4: Rush Skill Build

There’re alot of powerful skill you there so you didn’t need any Character Spesific skill, Signature skill Cutsence skill. What ever you guys call it.

With this way you got less time waste wait cutsence on grinding.

Highly Recommend Skill:

  • Rapid Fire (Page 6: Erdanus)
  • Judgment Rain (Page 5: Aquarius)
  • Gravity Blast (Page 5: Serpens)
  • Draconic Vocano (Page 6: Draco)

Recommend Skill:

  • Path of Cinders (Page 2: Ophiuchus)
  • Volcanic Ray (Page 6: Andromeda) Obtain by max Path of Cinders (Page 2: Phiuchus)
  • Meteor Crash (Page 6: Cetus) Obtain by max Flare of Spash (Page 5:Crater)
  • Spark Flrae (Page 6: Lacerta)

In case you wondering why Daheck i recommend so much Fire Element Skill. Even that ruin we’re grinding are loads with pink slime that also to have fire resistance.

To answer that. Fire Element Skill are one of the Best Offensive Element skill in this game. Easy to Aim, Cast and it’s Stupidly Op.Those Pink slime can’t even stand a chance. It’s so powerful, Even have the most skill count of Magic Rank 2 from all Element. You can Even Rush most of the Ruin with just Fire Element no problem.

Exept Shaula Desert and Mt. Ankaa these place spawn Red Lizzard that Immute to fire element. And Cerberus in Mt. Ankaa.

Tips & Tricks

  • It’s even Possible to get from No drop to 11 Pollux Coins in just one Run.
  • Besure to look out for Bags item that drop from mob 95% of the time contain your Pollux Coin.
  • If Bags drop out side the screen near Door to the Next Zone besure to just stay close and wait for magnet to pull stuff for you before process to the next zone.
  • You didn’t need to expect much about Boss drop they ain’t drop Pollux Coin that often. Mostly just there’re own loot pool like Minotour horn, Raging bull born or Lance.
Written by xX_Tankguy_Xx

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