SCP: Secret Laboratory – How to Win Against Scientists as a D-class

Please note: all credit goes to Balizaj!

Ever wondered how to steal the scientists cards and laugh at them while you escape, and they die in the decontamination? Well, here is how.

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The absolute basics of winning over your scientist overlords.

Get a Gun and Shoot Them

A gun can spawn in a few different places in the light containment zone. There are 3 guns in the armory, but assuming the game just began, you won’t have a good enough keycard to open it. A gun can also spawn in the following rooms:

  • Bathroom
  • SCP-372’s chamber
  • SCP-173’s chamber
  • SCP-012’s chamber

Where the gun spawns is completely random, but you may also find a keycard in the places mentioned above. You can use this keycard to access SCP-914, where a scientist has probably already found his way.


To upgrade your keycard in SCP-914, you need to drop it. Use this to your advantage. When a scientist drops a card, simply pick it up and upgrade it for yourself. On some custom servers you can also put the scientists on the Rough or Coarse setting to kill them as a part of a custom plugin. Be careful, as this will destroy their card as well.

Lesser Known Methods


It’s unlikely that you’re going to get it early in the game, I’ve only gotten it about twice my entire time playing this game. In SCP-372’s chambers are 2 filing cabinets. Holding E on them will search them and grant you a nifty item. Sometimes it’s junk like a 50 cent coin or a flashlight, but every once in a while you can get a disarmer. Find a scientist and disarm them with it, you can steal their cards, guns and everything else they had. You can also steal their cards and trap them in a room with no chance of getting out.


If you are running away from SCP-173, and a scientist is on the other side of the door, looking at SCP-173, you can close the door behind him, forcing him to either wait until SCP-173 snaps his neck or turning around to open the door, making SCP-173 snap his neck. Win/win.

Other times, you can convince SCPs to kill the scientists for you. Just explain that you will turn into Chaos Insurgency when you escape and you will help them, and the open the door to SCP-914 for your new friends while the scientists are busy upgrading.

Chaos Insurgency

Okay, not really a less known method, but Chaos Insurgency are your friends and will happily destroy and scientist that comes their way. You just have to hold out until they get to light containment zone.

Things to Watch Out For


If a scientists feels threatened, they might pull a gun on you. Hint, hint: you don’t want that. Make sure that you or another D-class gets a gun, not a scientist.

Nine Tailed Fox

You might want to stay on a scientists good side for when Nine Tailed Fox inevitably show up and want to kill you. If you are on the scientists good side, they can tell them otherwise and convince them to either disarm you or just spare you, which is what you want.


Even your fellow D-class can betray you, if they had a deal with the scientists. Trust no one. If you hear an announcement on the intercom VERY CLEARLY stating that they are CHAOS INSURGENCY, example:
“Hey what’s up everyone! chaos in the building, here to save the d-bois!!
immediately assume otherwise.

And Finally…

Be careful, and good luck.

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