I Hate Running Backwards – How to Beat the Ugh-Zan Tank Boss

Tips on how to destroy the Tank Ugh-Zan!

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Ugh-Zan Tank Boss Battle

Similiar to King Scorpion and Biomechanoid, Ugh-Zan Tank constantly cycles between various phases. It has three phases and one transition phase.

For the duration of the whole fight, Kamikazes will be appearing from trap doors underneath the arena. Individually these are just a distraction, but the player also needs to pay attention to the spike traps that will also appear from some of them, which count as environmental hazards.

The biggest tip for this fight is to take all the needed time. Especially during the first phase, do not stay in front of Tank just to deal damage faster, because it is very hard to avoid the plasma spheres in this phase. The best and easiest times to deal damage to Tank is in the third phase, the beginning of the first phase and right before the transition phase. This will take a long time, since Tank has the second highest health of all the bosses, and the player is limited to their regular weapons, but it is better practice to be certain than to be needlessly quick. Pay attention to the environment and get weapon crates whenever possible – even if they are one tier below the one already possessed by the player, it is vital to scavenge as much special ammo as possible. Keep in mind that the Alien Probe perk does not affect the odds of weapon crates spawning during this boss.

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