I Hate Running Backwards – Ride Tips (Boat, Car and Minecart)

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Boat Ride Tips

This ride will take you some time to figure out. You need to get used to the mechanics and learn the patterns in which the mine appears. Make sure you shoot the mines behind you so you can kill any boat Rocketeers coming from behind you, since their rockets will make it complicated for you to dodge mines! And try to charge through mines as a last resort – for the duration of the charge, this renders you invincible! Just keep the recharge time in mind.

Be sure to watch the video tutorial we made, so you can be prepared for anything in these dangerous waters!

Car Ride Tips

Shoot the bulls with the minigun attached to the car, but keep in mind that the weapon can overheat – if your weapon is overheated, you can alternatively use the dash attack to charge through the bulls. You can also use this charge attack to dash through the buildings, but if you are not careful enough, you can take damange after the invicibility wears off.

You can see all this in action in our video tutorial.

Minecart Ride Tips

Try to stay at the centre of the map, or you won’t be able dodge the explosive carts coming at you from the bottom, or the rocks from the top. Keep an eye out for fences – which indicate incoming obstacles. The obstacles with red glowing fences with red glowing lights will end your run instantly, so avoid these at every cost!

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