Raft – Secret Achievements

The four secret achievements. Spoiler!!!

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Break or pick up 100 blocks.

For this achievement, you’ll need to break blocks with the axe or to pick up blocks with [x]. You could simply pick up and install one block until you get 100.

Is there a Utopia?

Find the white board in the radio station.

It’s the end game achievement. First, you’ll need to research and build a reciever, 3 antenna and a battery.

Raft - Secret Achievements

After that you’ve install all the components, turn on the reciever and follow the signal. You should get to the radio station.

Raft - Secret Achievements

Get to the top and you’ll find the white board.

Raft - Secret Achievements

Exploring the Depths!

Reach a depth of 100 meters below the surface.

Start a new game (It could work in creative, but I didn’t done it) and just dive to the bottom of the ocean. Forget about the shark, he won’t be able to follow you.

An Ocean Cemetary!

Die 25 times.

You’ll need to start a game in normal or easy, because hard won’t allow you to respawn by your own. Simply get in the water and get yourself kill 25 by the shark. After the first death, the shark will kill you with one shot, so it’s going to take less time.

Written by Duc Agace

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