SCP: Secret Laboratory – The Section of LCZ

A small summary of the different rooms of LCZ. The new update brought us numbers on the walls of rooms. So let’s dive down and see what they identify as.

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It means Armory. If you see it, it’s the door to the armory.

EX-A and EX-B

Leading to Checkpoint A and Checkpoint B.


The door leading to the hallway containing the door to 012 (the room with the card and the stairs).


It’s the door to SCP-914.


The hallway with the toilets.

AL01, AL00, and AL02

The corresponding airlocks.


SCP-372’s Chamber.


PT is obviously short for Peanut. This is the door to 173’s staircase.


I forgot what it was after PC, but this is the room with the computers.


Class D Cells.

HS, HC, IX, IT, VT etc

These are just hallways. Nothing much. They have numbers on them to help navigate.

Here’s what I know so far on these..

  • HS: Hallway Straight
  • HC: Hallway Corner
  • IX: Intersection (The hallway with four doors on each side)
  • IT: Intersection (3-Way)
  • VT: Ventilation (Hallway with the big vent)

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