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Quarantine Circular - 100% Achievement Guide

Written by FordGT90Concept   /   May 28, 2018    
Quarantine Circular - 100% Achievement Guide

Very basic guide how to get all of the achievements.


If you finish the game once, you'll have these:

  • In at the deep end - Finish sequence 1.
  • Security measures - Finish sequence 2.
  • First contact - Finish sequence 3.
  • I've seen things you people wouldn't believe - Finish sequence 4.
  • Breaking point - Finish sequence 5.
  • Leadership - Finish sequence 6.


These achievements are contextual. Usually if you get one, you can't get the other. You can reload the sequence to switch it. These may not be 100% accurate.

  • Trust - Marc removed the restraint.
  • Caution - Marc left the restraint alone.
  • Friendship is magic - Alla says Gabriel is her friend.
  • Keeping it professional - Alla says maybe later to Gabriel's friendship.


These are broken down by choices:

Restraint removed, Teng dodged

  • Big Pharma - Teng brokers deal: freedom for cure.
  • The bigger life form - Teng lets Gabriel leave with no cure.
  • Law & Order - Teng stuns Gabriel with no cure.

Restraint removed, Teng stood ground

  • Green giant - Alla volunteers to test the cure.
  • Distributed risk - Alla tells Gabriel to test the cure on the public.
  • Personal responsibility - Alla tells Gabriel to leave.

Restraint stayed

  • Not without me - Marc stuns Gabriel.
  • Red letter day - Marc walks way.

Written by FordGT90Concept.