Transport Fever – Double and Triple Buffering Lines

Tips to increase line potential and storage space.

What is Double or Triple buffering?

When you have plenty of trucks, but the potential still does not go up… you might need double or triple buffering.

What is Double or Triple buffering?

  • Vehicles will visit the same source station 2 or 3 times.

What are the benefits?

  • Greater potential.
  • Larger amount of goods can be stored in station.
  • There are always stuff to pick up – no more empty trucks!
  • You don’t need as many trucks.

What if I don’t use double or triple buffering?

  • After large train or ship delivery, the truck station will get filled and line production will halt completely.

Basic Example

Example double buffering line. Trucks are delivering Crude Oil to a train station.

This station can store double amount of Crude Oil before it stops producing.

One Source, Multiple Destinations

Also you can have multiple delivery points from one station & one line example:

BONUS TIP: Did you know, that you can drop off goods to a passenger bus stop?

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