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Vampyr - How to Uncap FPS

Written by Red   /   Jun 4, 2018    
Vampyr - How to Uncap FPS

Unlocking 62 FPS...

Ok, after dabbling a bit on the engine files, I've unlocked the framerate on my game. Hopefully this works for you!

Step One

Locate your GameUserSettings.ini It should be under C:\Users\*Your User*\AppData\Local\AVGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor

Step Two

Add the following under the last line:


* Min: I kept it at 30 just in case.
* Max: My monitor supports 165, so try to add two frames to your desired maximum.

UPD: Also as someone has pointed out below, make sure under [Engine.GameUserSettings] you set the FrameRateLimit=165

Step Three

Right click GameUserSettings.ini in the WindowsNoEditor folder > Then click on properties and set it to Read-Only and apply.

Game:   Vampyr
Written by Red.