My Time At Portia – How to Win Every Spar Match (Cheats)

What is Sparring?

Sparring means “fighting with bare hands” in this game, basically. You fight the person you talked to. Sometimes it helps you unlock areas. Like in the Wastelands, when I discovered this trick! Well, let’s get on with it, shall we?

The Cheat

In the limited forcefield-dome you spar in when you select spar when talking to an NPC. Now, the cheat – avoid your enemy by running around in circles! Here’s a few tips when using this cheat:

  • Never go the other way. If you are going anticlockwise, don’t go clockwise. same the other way. Never ever do it.
  • Go In (Near the center) and Out (Near the rim) often.
  • If you feel like the enemy is getting faster, start sprinting (on and off to save energy. Don’t go haywire, holding down the shift button).

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