Realm Royale – Basic Tips and Tricks

Here i will be giving some tips and tricks for noobs and amateurs.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use Z to use mount whenever you can, this will summon a horse wich you can ride to move/travel faster.
  • Use X on the useless items or abilities to transform them to essence that you can use later to craft items. 
  • Try to land before your enemies and rush to the closest chest that containes weapons and try to eliminate enemies before they loot.
  • Keep an eye on the forge , this way you’ll know if your there’s someone using it , also you can fake using the forge to alert the enemies and ambush them if they try attacking.
  • If you’re desperate to rank up just try surviving as long as you can , this way you’ll climb the ladder of ranking and have a better rank because the ranking system depends on how much you’ve survived in your top 50 matches (you’ll have a rank even if you didn’t play 50 matches).
  • If you want to improve at the game faster land at popular cities or towns or villages or whatever you call them.
  • Always keep a long range weapon (Rifle , Bow , Sniper..) and a close rage weapon (Shotgun , Sword..) in your inventory to be able to fight in any situation.
  • Always use your abilities while looting to loot faster but you have to keep them ready in case when an enemie is close so you’ll be able to escape or get closer to them. 
  • Use chat canal by pressing “enter” to communicate with your friends in game and give informations or directions.
  • Lower your sensitivity to be able to aim better.
  • Keep an eye on the map and try landing in the safe zone (access the map by holding TAB).
  • Always lock your favorite class and learn more about them in every game till you MASTER ’em.
  • Avoid jump-shooting.
Written by Salty

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