TABG – Damage Model (Hitbox)

Here I try to compile some information about how Totally Accurate Battleground works. To get those numbers I did some testing and concluded my numbers with additional math.

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Hitbox Damage

The Chart

Here you can see the estimated hitboxes of the current TAB damage model. I based my numbers as if the torso was receiving base weapon damage and scaled the remaining numbers from there. One problem that occurred while calculating was the head hitbox. Due to the damage “boost” the head may receive when shot more than enough damage to kill. So it would theoretically sometimes only need 1.5 bullets. But there is no such thing as half bullets.
To compensate this error I rounded my 171.67% to solid 175%.

It is a guessed number by my side, because it seemed like a reasonable number a developer would enter.

Accuracy of the Test

Correlating Regions:

  • My testing began with the weapon with the lowest damage, the Glock. From there I tried to shoot same regions of the dummies until they dropped dead. Like the hand, lower arm, upper arm, upper torso, lower torso, head, upper leg, lower leg and feet.
    After repetitive testing the numbers on regions like hand and lower arm were always the same, so I continued testing declaring those as part of the same hitbox.


  • I used fifteen guns including: Glock, Luger, Revolver, Beretta, 1911, Desert Eagle, MP40, Mag10, Vector, AKSU, MP-44, M16, BAR, Winchester and the VSS.
    I tried to not use guns which deal more damage than it requires to kill, such as big sniper rifles and I did not use weapons which lose damage over distance such as shotguns.
    The more guns used the more accurate the numbers become, by forming the average percentage.
Written by Gedise

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