Rust – How to Climb Sphere Monument

Sphere (Dome) probably has the best loot out of all monuments, but, it is one of the hardest to loot if you dont know how.

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What To Take

Well climbing the sphere, you might fall and die. Luckly, you will be coming prepared.
This is a list of what to take:

  • Bandaids- To stop bleeding from falls.
  • Medical Kit- To get your health back after falls.
  • Food- To heal small amount back after falls and not waste a Medical Kit.

What Loot You Can Get

This will show you what type of loot you can get, as you can see, it is both good and bad.

  • Weapons
  • Ammo
  • Blueprints
  • Hazmat Clothes
  • Tools (Bad And Good)
  • Medical Items
  • High Quality Metal
  • Food
  • Torches

Note: I tried to list them all but there is too many! Put in comments any ones I missed.

Rust - How to Climb Sphere Monument

Climbing The Sphere

That will show you how to climb it but there are some places you will want to get to for the loot.

  • The floor of the Sphere- Barrels.
  • The middle floor of the Sphere- Boxes and weapon crates.
  • The Top level of the Sphere- The best loot with lots of boxes and weapon crates!

Getting Down!

Climbing down the Sphere can be harder than climbing up it! It will be a certain death if you were to jump off the top of it- but you can jump from some smaller parts inside of the Sphere.

WARNING: Sometimes you will get carried away while falling off small jumps in the Sphere and one time you might of miss judged the height of a fall and will turn you into a pancake in a matter of seconds!

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