Rust – Basic Tips and Tricks

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In Rust there are multiple hazards you need to over-come in order to survive. I will order it from Most to Least deadly (opinionly)

Players, They pose the most threat as some more experienced players hold powerful weapons such as guns and bows. They will be harder to kill also as they carry armor. They are hard to avoid as they can hit you from afar
Spike Walls, These are easy to avoid but when you stand/melee attack the spike walls, they will damage you.
Radiation Towns, The three radiation towns when standing within a certain raidus from, gives you Radiaton (rads), and what at 500+ rads, you will get the Radation effect, lowering your health fast in 2s.

Fall Damge, Much easier to avoid, falling can do damage to you as well as give the Bleeding and Injured effect.
Raw Chicken, eating raw chicken lowers you health as well as give the Poison effect, a effect that lowers your health gradually, sorta like the Bleeding Effect, but not cureable.

Rust - Basic Tips and Tricks

Basic Crafting

In Rust, in order to survive and get items, you need to learn how to craft ingame. I will tell you the basic items you need to just get started.

Stone Hatchet, the most basic tool besides the rock, it gathers materials at a faster pace. It takes very little wood and stone to craft this so it is very easy to get.

Hunting Bow, the most basic ranged weapon. Uses arrows as ammo. It has a small drawback with no recoil. A great weapon for hunting fast animals.

Sleeping Bag, a item that requires a bit of cloth (an item you get get from most animals, discluding the bear), it sets your spawn at the area that is is placed in. To use it upon death, press “at a camp” in order to spawn on the sleeping bag.

Wood Shelter and Wood Door, the basic shelter structure you can use to store items and place your crafting goods. Requires a little bit of wood so be prepared to harvest.

Campfire, lastly, the item that you will use to cook raw chicken. Hold E on it to open a User Interface to start cooking. Just put wood in the slot for fuel and put the chicken in the slots indicated “Cook” , leave the campfire, and press e on it for a second to ignite and start cooking.

Building a Proper Base

So your small shack is getting a bit to small for your new items, well then, your in luck. To build a proper base, you need a foundation to build off of. The foundation requires planks in order to build. Get the basic ground set up in order to place some pillars. Pillars are used to hold up window frames, walls, door frames, and a ceiling. It is important you place the pillars on the CORNERS of your foundation, as placing them half way between each foundation makes it alot harder to place walls. Next, is the Walls/Window Frames/Door Frame, to make them change direction press right click. You will need those for the outside structures. Place them between the pillars in for a basic frame. The windows can be jumped through so you will need window bars to prevent this. The door frame can have both a wooden or a metal door. You can open and close a door with E. The final item is a ceiling if you want a 1 story only base. Place them above 4 pillars and tada! But, if you want a second story, craft the stairs or ramp and place it against the walls for a way up. Then continue upwards but without a foundation.

Rust - Basic Tips and Tricks

Hunting Pro Tips

So you need food so survive. Well here are a few tips to kill. Remember that if you need to kill slow moving animals, the melee weapon is the best to go. Its easier to kill a boar with the melee weapon then from a deer as deer move faster. If you want to attack fast moving animals like wolves or deer. A better way to go is a ranged weapon, like the bow. Use the bow with arrows in your invetory to kill them from a distance. If you want to kill strong animals, keep moving and shoot them with the arrows. Once the animal is dead, strike their body with a melee to collect cloth, animal fat, raw chicken, and leather (You get leather from killing bears only).

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