Prey – Achievements Guide (Mooncrash DLC)

Helpful Tips for Galaxy Brain, No one Left Behind, Cryptomancer and Contract Fulfilled Achievements!

How to Unlock…

Galaxy Brain

In Mooncrash, install every neuromod power for every character.

No One Left Behind

In Mooncrash, escape the simulation with all five playable characters in a single run.


In Mooncrash, finish the game with a surplus of 50,000 sim points or more.

Contract Fulfilled

In Mooncrash, complete all KASMA Orders.

Background and Basics

After countless hours on this game and loving every minute of it, I have got every achievement 100% and thought I would share my own strategy as there isn’t a great deal of info about. Below I will outline what I found to be the fastest, easiest way to get these relatively lengthy achievements done.

Please note that during this run, I have all character abilities already unlocked and have completed every Kasma order aside from No One Left Behind. The way I approach this level in the below video is how I have played almost every run to loot/ grind for neuromods or later in the game, the time-delay mechanic which becomes much more important if you want to keep it easy. If you are looking to power up your abilities, with any cash left over spend it all on Neuromods as you will need as many of these as possible for Galaxy Brain Achievement.

Your best friends in this game are the elite Psychicutter weapon found in Pytheas Labs, any level Disruptor Gun or EMP, neuromods, shotgun and pink time-delay / egg timer icons you can buy, fabricate or find. With the elite psychicutter and shotgun combo, even on level 5 every enemy is easy aside from the Moonshark which you can avoid 95% of the time. The time delay mechanics are a must!

When you kill an enemy, it will not respawn unless the corruption level raises and then everything is reset and enemies spawn again but on harder difficulty every time. I obtain 5 time delay’s before starting my first run to keep the level at 1 at all times so enemies do not respawn once they are killed.

At the start of the sim, always have enough cash to buy 1 emp (used for the gate outside Pytheas Labs), two control modules (1,000 each and for the power control terminals at the base of the observatory in the middle of the crater) and your preference on weapon/ammo of choice (if needed). You will only need that weapon briefly (if at all) until you reach the Elite Psychicutter in Pytheas Labs. Make that a priority. I also purchase the airtax propultion system to make jumping easier.

The longest achievement to grind here is Galaxy Brain. You need to install every single neuromod on all 5 characters. Whilst going for the other achievements, you have to keep this one in the back of your mind. If you complete all of the objectives in the game, the entire sim will reset. You can restart the sim multiple times when playing through, however if you complete everything it will reset all your neuromod abilities. You will need to obtain this first unless you want a very lengthy grind.

I am unsure on exactly the numbers throughout this guide, but you will need several hundred neuromods installed across all your characters. When playing through a full looting run across all characters, I was only ever able to find and fabricate a maximum of around 55 – 65 neuromods, that’s not on a speed run and this takes a good few hours each time. You will only come across around 10 – 20 on a speed run avoiding most unlockable areas and looting opportunities such as cabinets and boxes. If you mop up all enemies on every level and collect as many keycards and items as you can, you will earn anywhere from 90,000 to over 120,000 sim points in a run across all characters by the end of it. Nuromods cost 3,000 each.

The ideal way to play is getting a blend of both enemy kills to gain sim points to spend on neuromods and looting as much as possible to be able to fabricate as many neuromods as possible. Every time the sim level increases, so does your amount of sim points for the completion reward and for any enemy kill.

How to Start The Final Run (Or Any Loot Run) – All 5 Character Escapes

It is important to start with either the engineer or custodian. You will need both of these to unlock the mimic portal in Pytheas Labs, so best to use them first and get them out the way. The engineer can repair the mimic portal/mass driver and the custodian is the only person who can hack which is needed for the mimic portal. Make sure you prioritise upgrading the engineers inventory space. I use her on ever run first for looting and to repair many blocked areas making it easier for the other character runs.

Your run should look like this:

  • 1st – Engineer – Expand inventory, loot everything in sight (when inventory is full – fabricate everything aside from disruptor gun/ammo for all gates, highest level shotgun, meds, neuromods, time delays, psychicutter and items for the mass driver escape), obtain elite psychicutter, repair mimic portal and all other repair opportunities – Escape via Mass Driver.
  • 2nd – Custodian – Prioritise hacking ability – Head straight to mimic portal – Unlock computer – Escape via mimic portal.
  • 3rd – Director – Follow the directors escape objective.
  • 4th & 5th – choose what character/escape you want but you will need to have collected or purchased 1 escape pod module to escape via one of the last two remaining ways.

The first thing to do is use your two purchased control modules (see earlier) and head straight to the power control in crater observatory. Insert any missing modules (if any). If all are powered, you can use those modules for trams.

Once the observatory is cleared out, head straight to the Pytheas Labs to obtain the Elite Psychicutter.

When you have a cleared out most enemies across all locations using any character, make sure that before you escape using whichever means necessary, you go back to an easy location for all other characters to get to from the start. At this location (I used the observatory tower in the centre of the crater), store all the items in your inventory which you will not need before you make your run for the escape. This is all in the name of saving spending sim points on your characters in your next runs on weapons etc so you can make sure you have over 50,000 in your account when you go for the final ending.

Put the items into boxes as they remain there until the sim ends. This way you can store the elite psychicutter and make it available for every character to use and also store your unwanted neuromods if you have upgraded the engineer to full. You need to make sure you add all your unwanted neuromods and any weapons you want available for your next character(s) to collect. Once you have stored your stuff, you should only take a disriptor gun/EMP and no need for any weapon as you can run straight to all escape routes now.

When you load a new character in your next playthroughs, go straight to the location you chose and pick up the items you need. Rinse repeat. It is important on your very first run to make sure you buy 2 control modules and go straight to the power control.

Try to kill as many weavers, telepaths/technopaths and moon sharks as possible as they always drop a time delay prop.

In this playthrough, I complete all escapes using no powers, on a relatively tough environment and all on level 1 corruption only.

The video below is my full looting run and I also knock off 4 Achievements on this run.

Ending (With No Last Spoilers)

This video has had the final cutscene edited out as it may contain spoliers. The Cryptomancer Achievement will unlock once you complete all Kasma Orders and then complete the very last sequence in the game which is in the video below. Once the cutscene ends, it will unlock.

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