SCP: Secret Laboratory – How to Re-contain SCP-106

In this tutorial I’ll explain how to re-contain SCP-106 – The Old Man.
Re-containing other SCPs are not possible, only by killing them.

The Things You’ll Need

You’ll need a keycard which has access to ALL containment chambers.
Such as:

  • Containment Engineer keycard.
  • Facility Manager keycard.
  • O5 keycard.

And one more player.

The Procedure

After you got one of those keycards you have to find SCP-106’s chamber.
Walk straight ahead, then open the control room’s doors and enter. You’ll find the button and a room.
One player has to walk in that room to sacrifice himself. After he died, you can press the button.
If you can hear SCP-106’s screams, then you did everything fine.

Good luck!

Written by Asderman:3

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