The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – How to Remove Stolen Tag from Items

This guide will show you how to remove the ‘Stolen’ tag from stolen items. You can use this trick if you want to sell your stolen items to merchants.

In order to do this trick you need a follower or an Housecarl and obviously your items marked as Stolen.

How To Proceed

Head to your house or any place with a chest, open it and place your items marked as Stolen inside of it.

  • Order your follower/Housecarl to take everything inside the chest by talking to him/her and selecting “I need you to do something” and select the chest.
  • The follower/Housecarl will take all the items inside the chest.
  • Now talk again to your follower/Housecarl and select “I need you to carry some things”.
  • Take back your items from his/her inventory. 

Done! Your items are not marked as Stolen anymore.


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