Anima Gate of Memories: The Nameless Chronicles – Immortal Collector Guide

A guide to find all hidden items in Anima Gate of Memories: The Nameless Chronicles.

I’m including all items except for the Messenger Memories, which are not required to obtain the Achievement. Also, I’m including other items that, while not required for Immortal Collector, are either needed for The Great Merchant (Velez’s Seals) or hard to find for some people (Raw Materials).

The Wake, Old Tomb

  • 1) Ki Soul: Right at the beginning of the game, just after the first cutscene, you’ll see an opening in the map to the right from the tomb. Walk up the slope and the item will be on the other side, next to the water. 
  • 2) Life Soul: After your first fight, it will be down your path and slightly to your left, between some tombstones. Upon picking it up, you’ll trigger a fight with some beam-firing red orbs. 
  • 3) Death Fragment: Just across the last collectible, you’ll have to jump up a slope and walk down the other side. See the enlargement in the map if youre having difficulties to find it. It will be next to a small cliff facing the water. 
  • 4) Life Fragment: Down the main path, after dropping from the previous area. Next to impossible to miss. 

The Wake, Forgotten Caves

  • 5) Life Fragment: In the large room with the helmet-shaped rock you have to destroy in order to progress, the item is sitting in the Northwestern corner, in the lower half of the room, beyond the tree trunks (or whatever they might be). 
  • 6) Rune of Alchemy: After you beat the Brynhildr and break the first seal, keep going forward and up the stone stairs until you exit the cave and reach a cliff. An enemy will start shooting at you from your left, but don’t go that way just yet. Instead, take a right and go all the way till the end. 

Mountain Pass

  • 7) Jared’s Amulet: After entering this area, go forward and take a left as soon as you can. Go down the path and this Artifact will be at the end. (Note: This is before going down the slope with the archers; if enemies start to spawn, you’ll have to backtrack, as you have gone too far.) 
  • 8) Life Soul: Go down the main path with the archers and turn left as soon as the path branches. Speak with the Unknown, and he will give you this item. 
  • 9) War Core: From the previous collectible, don’t go back to the main path jut yet. Instead, keep advancing through this side path that runs across the side of the cliff until you reach this item. 
  • 10) Ancient Sword: In the center of the large room where you fight the Dullahan. Really hard to miss. 
  • 11) Life Fragment: In the room right after the previous one, in a small entrance to the right from where you came. 
  • 12) Life Fragment: After you fight a decent bunch of enemies and a Memory Knight, go down the main path. It will be there, in plain sight. 
  • 13) Defensive Core: When going up the stone stairs from the previous collectible, pay attention to an opening to your right. You’ll hve to go down a slope and turn right at the bottom. 

Nexus of Memories

  • 14) Memento Mortis: Just under the bridge of stairs that leads to the Portal Room. In order to get it, jump on any of the pillars that rotate clockwise around the main room, under you, and wait there until you are under the bridge and can reach this Artifact with a well aimed jump. 

Arcane, Laberyntos

  • 15) Merchant’s Ring: Jump on any of the large bookcases, and from there, jump again to the balcony that encircles the room. The Artifact lies there. 

Nowhere I

  • 16) Life Fragment: Right at the beginning, go down the stairs to the puzzle room and turn right. It will be next to a corridor you can later access by jumping. 
  • 17) Death Fragment: After picking the previous collectible, jump to access a passageway with a deadly fall to your left. Keep advancing a little bit, and you’ll see some blocks you can climb to reach this item. 
  • 18) Ki Soul: Back at the puzzle room, go up the stairs in the rightmost corner of the Southern wall. To your left, there will be a ledge you can double-jump onto. The item is on this ledge. 
  • 19) Soul Fragment: Back at the puzzle room, go down the stairs to the large room with Puzzle Piece I and go around the pillar to the right of the stairs. 
  • 20) Life Fragment: Now go to the new room you have created with Puzzle Piece I. The item will be slightly to your right after you cross the newly created bridge, in plain sight. 
  • 21) War Core: After defeating the Noth, cross the big door to the next space and go left as soon as you can. It will be at the end of the corridor. 
  • 22) Death Anima: From the previous collectible, walk back the corridor and you’ll see some stairs going up in front of you. Go up these stairs until the end, and look down to a ledge below. Drop down and turn around. There’s your item. Now, its time to climb back. 
  • 23) Ki Gem: After obtaining Puzzle Piece III, go back to the moving block and jump to reach a series of ledges. You’ll get Puzzle Piece V, but it’s not over yet. Keep jumping to the left, and you’ll find this Artifact at the end of this path. 
  • 24) Life Soul: After defeating your second Noth and setting Puzzle Piece II into its place, go up the stairs you previously dropped from to get item #22. Now the stairs are complete and lead to a narrow corridor. On the right wall and above your head you’ll see a narrow ledge. Jump onto it, then look to the other wall for another, higher, ledge. Finally, jump to a bigger, higher ledge to find this item. 
  • 25) Death Fragment: Keep advancing through this corridor until you get to a large room with Puzzle Piece IV, but, instead of walking down the stairs to your left, drop to your right, as the item is there. 
  • 26) Life Fragment: After setting the whole puzzle to its definitive configuration, head towards the exit through the long, somewhat twisted bridge. The item is in plain sight ahead of you, right before a fight with some Ophanim. 

Cathedral of Erynnes, Inner Chamber

  • 27) Life Fragment: Behind the statue that’s just in front of you when you exit the very first room to the long corridor lined by statues. 
  • 28) Rametek’s Seal: In front of the wall with the magic symbol from where the priest is crying. 

Cathedral of Erynnes, Main Body

  • 29) Defensive Core: Second floor, on the opposite wing from where you first access this area. 
  • 30) Sword of Erynnes: Go down the stairs to the main floor, then turn right and look under the stairs, behind the statues. 

Cathedral of Erynnes, Outer Wall

  • 31) Life Fragment: After defeating Druaga, keep advancing to the left. The item is on some crates. 
  • 32) Druaga’s Horn: Keep going to the left, past the three big blades, and you’ll eventually find it. 

Cathedral of Erynnes, Garden

  • 33) Death Anima: In a corner in the first room of this area, next to Zero Mask. 
  • 34) Defensive Anima: On the balcony overlooking the trials square arena. You’ll have to double jump to the wooden plank that’s hanging from the balcony, then to the balcony itself. Quite tricky, but doable. 
  • 35) Mark of the Maister: Awarded for winning the 1st trial of the Maister. 
  • 36) Amulet of the Maister: Awarded for winning the 2nd trial of the Maister. 
  • 37) Protection of the Maister: Awarded for winning the 3rd trial of the Maister. 
  • 38) Murasame: Awarded for winning the 4th trial of the Maister. 

Cathedral of Erynnes, Atrium

  • 39) Velez’s Seal: In an enclosed area only accesible through the rightmost door that leads to the Atrium. 
  • 40) Ki Soul: In a corner near the fountain. 
  • 41) War Anima: On the balcony overlooking the main room. 

Arcane, Inner Chamber

  • 42) Life Soul: In a hidden crevice to the left of the stairs leading to Rametek’s Tomb. 

Arcane, Tomb of Rametek

  • 43) Raw Material #1: In front of Rametek’s Statue. 

Nowhere II

  • 44) Defensive Anima: Behind the door from where you enter this area. To reach it, go down the first set of stairs, turn left, and pretend you are trying to run around the structure you just came from. On the outer wall, you’ll see some protruding blocks you will have to jump onto and navigate to reach the back of the structure. 
  • 45) Memento Thanatos: Cross the bridge to the right until you reach a room lined with blocks. The Artifact is hidden behind the biggest block on the right. 
  • 46) Life Fragment: Cross the left bridge through the floating platforms until you reach a room lined with blocks. The item is in the furthest end of this room, in plain sight. 

Mansion of Puppets, Basement

  • 47) Estoc: Cross the trap-filled side corridor until the very end, take a right and enter a cave through a door with a liquid appearance, on the northeastern corner of the map. 
  • 48) Death Fragment: In the trap-filled central corridor, between the traps. 
  • 49) Soul Fragment: In the trap-filled central corridor, turn left at the second crossing.

Mansion of Puppets, Main Body

  • 50) Raw Material #2: At the end of the long hallway that goes East from the main room. 
  • 51) Life Fragment: On the gallery that runs over the main room, just above the hallway where you got the previous item. 

Mansion of Puppets, Paintings Corridor

  • 52) Life Soul: Inside the 2nd room to the right of the hallway. 
  • 53) Magus Ring: Inside the 3rd room to the right of the hallway. 

Mansion of Puppets, Workshop

  • 54) Soul Fragment: At the crossing before the blue seal of Naberius, go left. 
  • 55) Prison Key: At the northernmost room of this area, behind a bookcase. 
  • 56) Sun Sword: Awarded by Gaudemus in exchange for 4 Raw Materials. 

Mansion of Puppets, Attic

  • 57) Life Fragment: At the furthest end of the main room. 

Arcane, Tomb of Nascal

  • 58) Velez’s Seal #2: In front of Nascal’s statue. 

Fragments of Another Life, Fishing Village

  • 59) Ki Soul: On the roof above you when first entering this area. 
  • 60) Soul Fragment: To the right of where you start, out in the open. 
  • 61) Death Fragment: Behind the first house on the right of the main path. 
  • 62) Life Fragment: After getting the previous item, go ahead a little bit. It will be on the right of the main path, between two houses. 
  • 63) Life Soul: Behind the second-to-last house to the left (the one with a bridge coming off from its roof). 
  • 64) Raw Material #3: Inside the last house to the left. 
  • 65) Death Anima: Jump onto the roof of the house where you got the previous item, then backtrack through the bridge and kill some Shadows. The item is at the end of this path. 
  • 66) Clock of Chronos: Behind the last house to the right of the street, before the swamp area. 
  • 67) Life Fragment: Go through the tunnel that’s behind the house you entered before to get item #64. 
  • 68) Tale of Heroes: Follow the path along the beach until you reach a clearing where you’ll face some enemies and an Arcana Imperium. Right ahead, enter through the back door of a house and the Artifact will be there, along with a Memory. 
  • 69) Ethel’s Ring: There’s another entrance in this clearing. Enter this second house and jump to the second floor where this Artifact is located. 
  • 70) Life Fragment: Just before the swamp area, near the well, on the roof covering some barrels. 
  • 71) Death Fragment: In the swamp area where you fight a Djinn, against the rock wall to the right of the entrance. 
  • 72) Defensive Core: Near the North exit of the swamp, right beside a tree. 
  • 73) Soul Fragment: In the swamp area, in the northwestern corner. 

Fragments of Another Life, Village Outskirts

  • 74) Death Fragment: On the plateau to your right as you enter the area, just in front of the slope. 
  • 75) Soul Fragment: On the same plateau than the previous item, in the southeastern corner. 
  • 76) Forseti’s Axe: On the plateau to the left of the starting area, next to a dead tree. 
  • 77) Defensive Core: At the end of the same plateau, on a tree coming from the wall you’ll have to jump to. 
  • 78) Life Fragment: Next to the wall in the crossing after the graveyard area, in plain sight. 
  • 79) Abbadon’s Amulet: To the North, at the end of a long path with a dead-end. 

Fragments of Another Life, Etheldrea’s Mansion

  • 80) Exterminator: In the main hall, behind a pillar, inside a vase you have to break. 
  • 81) Laevateinn: Exit the main hall through the other passageway and ignore the first room to your left. You’ll find this Weapon further to your left, in front of a statue. 
  • 82) Life Fragment: In the same passageway, but to the right, on your path to the Beach of Memories. 
  • 83) Defensive Anima: In the second floor, in one of the corners of the painting-filled room. 

Fragments of Another Life, Beach of Memories

  • 84) Heart of John: Follow the water line to the right until the very end. It’s hidden behind some rocks. 
  • 85) Soul Fragment: Next to the exit of the area. 

Fragments of Another Life, The Hall of Forgotten Names

  • 86) War Anima: Down the main path, in plain sight. 
  • 87) Defensive Anima: In the first crossing, go right. It’s just next to a blade trap. 
  • 88) Life Anima: In Malakai area, before crossing the puzzle on the floor. It’s in a small room to the left of the entrance. 
  • 89) Life Soul: In Victor Ramse area, inside the room with the elevator to the portal leading to Nowhere. 
  • 90) Mark of the Nameless: On the left side of the ledge you can access after discovering 3 of the names. 
  • 91) Thanatos Nekrom: Just a little further down this path, in the room you can access after discovering all 4 names. 

Arcane, The Nameless Throne

  • 92) Life Anima: In the middle of the path in front of you. 
  • 93) The Lawmaker: Awarded for completing Zero Mask’s quest and defeating him. 

Arcane, Exit Corridors

  • 94) Raw Material #4: In the main path, on some scaffolding. 

Nexus of Memories (New Game + Only)

  • 95) Velez’s Seal #3: In the middle of the main room.
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