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Warspear Online - Secret Achievements

Written by Kalakeitto   /   Jul 8, 2018    
Warspear Online - Secret Achievements

Since they have no description, you can't cheat by looking at global stats. Very clever. Obviously, you should stay away from this guide in case you want to figure those out yourself.

Farewell to The Fairground

Use a captain to travel to another island.

Simply following the story will give you this. Alternatively, you can go to Norlant Swamps from Armor Cliff/Kamp Gasphel port - sailing there and back will only cost 2 gold.

Super Destroyer

Lose an item by amplification.

This is identical to the in-game Overdone achievement. Acquire a cheap piece of equipment and some amplification spheres (make sure they're of the right type), then amplify. If the item breaks, repair it and keep trying.

Death Proof

Use a life scroll.

First, get a life scroll. These can be received as gifts or bought from the miracle shop and the second-hand market. Second, die. If you are only after the achievement, I recommend that a real player kills you because being killed by a monster drains the durability of your equipment. Third, in the revive menu, select "revive on place using life scroll".

Written by Kalakeitto.