Darkest Dungeon – Curio Guide (Color of Madness DLC)

A guide about the curios you will probably run into while playing the DLC.


  • Gleaming Shards will give you 5-15 crystal shards when interacted with.

  • Fresh Harvest will heal one character for 90% of their max health. 

  • Plentiful Bounty will heal all characters for 65% of their max health. 

  • Rotted Fare will get rid of 100% of one characters stress. 

  • Corrupted Harvest will get rid of 65% of the parties stress. 

  • Stockpile gives one laudanum, medicinal herb or food when interacted without a key.
    When a key is used Stockpile gives 6-12 food, any supplies and one random trinket. 

  • Miller’s Hearth will let the party camp when interacted with.
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  1. At this point the player base overall should already know all of this but newcomers are sure to find this extremely helpful. I applaud you for your efforts and tell you that it will not go to waste. Thank you for your commitment.

  2. I wish I’d have known about the Miller’s Hearth before my last run. Thought to myself, “This is just an endless series of battles, no real movement required,” and didn’t bring any food. Came across my first Miller’s Hearth, used it…oh boy.

  3. tbh sense i finally got a game that LIVES for once and i have my way to make cash for supplies i dont fear cost as much and know what i need for stuff im thinkful this exists as it will help my first jump into the farm

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