ARK: Survival Evolved – How to Cure Swamp Fever Quickly

Don’t you just hate it when you wake up on the beach and see a naked survivor cough in your face and run off ruining your life.
Here i am going to show you a quick way of curing swamp fever.

What is Swamp Fever?

Swamp fever is a disease on ARK that is found in the swamp regions carried by diseased leeches.
Which look a bit larger than normal leeches and have an orange tint to them. Swamp fever cannot be cured by killing yourself as it carries over to the next body however creating a new character will remove swamp fever.

Swamp fever comes with harsh debuffs which are the following:

  • 20% reduction in Weight, Melee Damage, Health and Stamina.
  • 20% increase in Movement Speed.
  • 50% reduction in Food, Water, and Oxygen consumption.

You will notice Swamp fever in a survivor by the green cloud around their head aswell as the coughing.If you see a naked aproaching you with these sympton either run or kill them on sight with a bow or ranged weapon and stay away from their dead corpse as you will still be able to catch it from them.

Swamp fever can also be carried by tamed dodos so keep clear.

How to Prevent Swamp Fever

There are several ways to prevent and cure swamp fever which are the following:

  • Putting lots of points into fortitude will increase your chance of not getting swamp fever.
  • Wearing a gas mask will stop survivors from giving you swamp fever.

Deleting your character and creating a new one will get rid of it but at the cost of you losing your levels and tribe that you are in.

Lesser Antidote

The main cure for swamp fever is the lesser antidote which you can unlock at lvl 18 for 16 engram points. You will need 10 rare flowers, 10 rare mushroom, 3 leech blood/ wooly rhino horn and 1 narcotic which i will show you how to get quickly.

Leech Blood

Leech blood can be found by killing leeches in the swamp and diseased leeches will give more leech blood. I would recomend building a raft with spike walls around to protect you from any dinos awell as prevents leeches from getting near you while you shoot with a ranged weapon.

Rare Mushrooms

Rare mushroom can be found in the swamp alongside all the other ingredients needed. All you need to do is use a pickaxe on the swamp trees.

ARK: Survival Evolved - How to Cure Swamp Fever Quickly

Rare Flowers

Rare flowers are found in Beaver dams but most importantly these types of bushes that can be found in the swamp and many other areas around the island.

ARK: Survival Evolved - How to Cure Swamp Fever Quickly

Narcotics can easily be made while getting rare flowers due to the plants also giving narcoberries and you can gather some meat from any dino.

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