Stardew Valley – Fishing Guide + Easier Fishing Mod

A guide for fishing basics, how to play the minigame and upgrade your rod! By now you should have gotten the letter in the mail from Willy, who was on a fishing expedition, to come by the docks on the beach.

There he will give you your very own fishing rod, the Bamboo Rod, to be exact.

How to play the fishing minigame

The minigame that starts when you reel in a fish can be difficult at first, but you’ll get better at it!

  • Grab your pole using your mouse wheel or pressing 1 thru = on your keyboard to select it.
  • Face the direction of the water and hold your left mouse button.
  • Hold it until the casting bar hits the desired area (preferrably MAX!)
  • Wait until the you hear a specific sound and you see an ! mark!
  • Double click to reel in that fish!
  • If it’s a fish, the minigame will start! If it’s trash/algae/seaweed it’ll automatically reel it in.
  • Keep the fish inside the green bar by holding or clicking your left mouse button/release it to drop the bar if the fish goes down to make your progress bar go up, if it falls out, you lose progress.
  • If you get a treasure chest, try to get the bar almost complete before attempting to grab the chest.
  • I find tapping the left mouse button repeatedly holds it in place better and it’s easier to keep the fish inside.But if the fish is moving around a lot, then hold the mouse button to move the bar up faster.

Practice makes perfect and some fish are easier to catch than others! The game isn’t always the same and sometimes the fish move alot faster than other times!

Crab Pots

Place it in the water, load it with bait, and check the next day to see if you’ve caught anything. Works in streams, lakes, and the ocean.

The crab pot is a craftable or buyable item! You can buy it from Willy for 1500g or craft one yourself with: Ore bar x 3 and Wood x 40. You can also buy iron ore from the Blacksmith for 100g each. You need 5 ore to make 1 bar. 5 x 3 = 15 x 100 = 1500g. So either way, you will be spending 1500g.

What you can catch in the crab pot

  • Cockle – 50g.
  • Crab – 100g.
  • Crayfish – 75g.
  • Lobster – 120g.
  • Mussel – 30g.
  • Oyster – 40g.
  • Periwinkle – 20g.
  • Shrimp – 60g.
  • Snail – 65g. 

Upgrade your pole!

After awhile, you may have gathered quite a bit of bait and found out your bamboo rod doesn’t have a hook for said bait! (So odd!)

Luckily, you can upgrade your rod and this allows you to use that bait!

  • Bamboo Rod- Free / 500g.
  • Fiberglass Rod(Allows use of bait) -1800g.
  • Iridium Rod(Allows use of bait and attachments) -7500g.

You’ll get a letter in the mail when Willy has a pole upgrade in his shop!

To use bait.. Grab and the bait and right click your rod, simple as that!

Some gameplay tips!

Here are some gameplay tips that may be helpful!

  • In the minigame, tap your left mouse button repeatedly to keep the bar steady on the fish.
  • Smallmouth Bass are plentiful in Spring and are pretty common, while waiting for your first crops, catch a few of these! At 50g each, they can help you get started!
  • Save all the bait you get for when you upgrade your rod.

Easier Fishing Mod

What this mod does

  • This mod makes fishing easier but doesn’t remove it so you can still enjoy the experience.
  • It makes the fish shoot up and down less frequently.
  • It makes the fish move smoother so you can easier track them. 


  • Donwload the Mod.
  • Extract Fish.xnb to SteamsteamappscommonStardew ValleyContentData. 
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