Koihime Enbu RyoRaiRai – Achievement Guide

Please note: All credit goes to Box art ryu!

How to get all Achievement in the Koihime Enbu RyoRaiRai game.

Single Player


Watched the tutorial movie and won against CPU.

You must wait on the title screen and idle for a while as various cutscenese play. Eventually the tutorial video will play (below.) I waited until it was over and back on the title screen and immediately did a match of arcade mode.

Cut the Gordian knot

Cleared the arcade mode with all characters.

You can turn the settings to easy, 1 round and 30 second timer for a fast run.

Brooding over

Cleared arcade mode at the highest difficulty.

I would try the same settings with 1 round 30 seconds and just try to get a life lead and survive. remember most moves in this game are unsafe on block. 


Continued 10 times in one play.

Lose and continue 10 times in an arcade run. You’ll likely get this attempting Brooding over so don’t worry.

Fight like cat and dog

Use a taunt as every character.

I believe this needs to be done in arcade mode. Simply start the match with all the characters, push l2/left trigger/E on keyboard and you can quit out, progress will save.

Golden opportunity

Earn 300 million points.

If you choose to have multiple rounds, use your ‘supers’ get perfects etc. and never lose you should get this.

Beautiful bearded man

Cleared the arcade mode of Kan’u Unchō.

Lingling is the best!

Cleared the arcade mode of Chōhi Yokutoku.

Master of Ryūga

Cleared the arcade mode of Chō’un Shiryū.

Silver Princess

Cleared the arcade mode of Bachō Mōki.

The ground of Overlord

Cleared the arcade mode of Sōsō Mōtoku.

Sword of Gi

Cleared the arcade mode of Kakōton Genjō.

One shot one kill

Cleared the arcade mode of Kakōen Myōsai.

The Most Determined

Cleared the arcade mode of Gakushin Bunken.

The Oath of Sonken

Cleared the arcade mode of Sonken Chūbō.


Cleared the arcade mode of Kannei Kōha.

A Queen of the Night

Cleared the arcade mode of Sonshōkō.

Master Kitty!

Cleared the arcade mode of Shūtai Yōhei.

Mighty warrior

Cleared the arcade mode of Ryofu Hōsen.

Smooth sailing

Cleared the arcade mode of Chōryō Bun’en.

I want this one!

Cleared challenger mode using a single character.

In training mode, you pause and tab over to the third menu for the challenger mode. It’s the combo trial/mission mode of similar games. I haven’t noticed one that seems far easier.

Go through a hardship

Cleared challenger mode using all characters.

Practice more!

Practiced training mode for one hour.

You will probably get this by the time you finish all the challenger modes.

Book lover

Practice training mode for 10 hours.

I believe this is cumulative, thankfully.


Pretty straight forward…

New age

Played a Ranked Match.

The first win!

Won a Ranked Match.


100 Ranked Match victories.

The first step!

Won a player match.

Unrecognized genius

100 player match victories.


Welcome to Koihime-Enbu (Ver.2)

Took Hougeki Combo during throw rejection motion.

Get punished after you try and fail to tech a throw? You will get this during arcade.

Exquisite skill!

Achieved over 6000 combo damage.

Monstrous combo

Achieved over 10000 combo damage.

Divine combo

Achieved over 12100 combo damage.

A series of disasters

Perform 100 throw rejections.

Simply ‘tech’ 100 throws by pressing D after your opponent. can be done in versus.

King of Hougeki Combo

Start a Hougeki combo 100 times.

One of the first achievements you get. A hougeki combo in this sense is just getting at least a two hit combo that starts with a counterhit fatal counter move. Common moves that are fatal counters are down-forward C, forward B, forward C.

Whole in mind and body

Perform a KO using Hiougi.

A hiougi is a ‘super’ that needs 4 tactic meter (4 bars) AND you must start a hougeki combo (have your opponent in the crumple state by counterhitting with a hougeki attribute move. It makes a gong sound if successful) Quickly press quarter circle forward and B+C to execute.

Alive bright with all sorts of flowers

Witness every Hiougi in a real battle.

Combo still needs practice

During a Hougeki Combo with Kakōton, pull off a Dohatsu Shōten in the wrong direction.

The battle continues

Achieve a perfect win using Chōhi.Can be done in vs.

I shut you down!

Achieve a perfect win using Chōryō.Can be done in vs.

Divine power

Dodge Ryofu’s EX Dynamic Mind with backstep outside of training mode.

Collector of ice sculptures

Perform a KO using Guihua’s Pillar of Ice.Finish a round by summoning your strategist (assist) Kaku with quarter circle forward D (must have 1 meter) and successfully hit them with the ice pillar.

Warm welcome

Thwart an opponents diagonal down-forward + B using Sonken’s EX Kohōkō outside of training mode.

Try and stop me!

Successfully use Chōryō’s Hiougi outside of training mode.See: Whole in mind and body

Anti-air magician

Successfully summon Kaku 10 times in a single battle outside of training mode.See: Collector of ice sculptures. You will want 5 rounds as you need one meter (tactics bar) for every summon of your strategist.

Bachō Master

Land a combo with more than 75 hits as Bachō.

That’s guardable?!

Guard Ryofu’s Hiougi outside of training mode.

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