Future Proof – Endings Guide

A compilation on how to reach some endings for Future Proof which is basically also an achievements guide.

Call to Adventure & Crash and Burn

For completion’s sake let us start with the beginning of the game as well as the non-ending. From the 16 achievements in the game 14 are tied to one of the 1 endings. This leaves two more achievements. One of those is the “Call for Adventure” which is the beginning achievement. All you have to do for this one is to complete the optional intro of the game and then starting the actual game in front of your house. Maybe it is sufficient alone to start the skip even with skipping the intro. Anyway, it will be hard to miss this one. The second additional achievement is something which I call the non-ending.

Future Proof - Endings Guide

For this you have to go two screens left to the City section directly after starting in front of your house. Adverse to the red roofed house you will see the key hanging in the tree. Pick it up and go back to your house where you can use the key on the red Sudan. Just unlock the car and pick the middle option. This will grant you the “Crash and Burn” achievement for the non-ending. And now to the more complex ones.

Ones Left Behind (Thought Map – Alpha)

While this is the first ending of the game, it is not the first ending I obtained. I say this because I started the descriptions of the endings with images of all important steps to ease the process. However, due to the sheer length of this puzzle chain I will organize the images in a more condesned manner. This lead to rather large singular images. You probably need to open them in a new window to see everything. The length of this ending is also shown by its thought map which is single standing – in comparison to all other thought maps. Also, major parts of this puzzle chain are precondition for other endings -or information for other endings – which can only be unlocked after getting far enough in this ending. After this lengthy explanation, let us focus on how to obtain this ending.

Future Proof - Endings Guide

At the beginning, you need to obtain the dynamite. For this you have to enter the red roofed house. The key can be found in the blue electrical box. In the house you get the dynamite in the cabinet. The code you have to guess. Information and ideas you find on the community PSA on the city boards, the calendar and the birthday card. It is 1938, the birth year of the house owner. Additionally, you need a lighter. This can be found in the old man’s house on the top left of the city map.

Future Proof - Endings Guide

Now, go to the northern area and talk to the scientist. Open the entry of the laboratory with the dynamite and the lighter. Get inside to pick up the rubber gloves and to find out that you need power. Directly equip the rubber gloves and go to the Power Plant on the same map. The key to open the door can be found hidden beside the sign. Inside the Plant area you have to pick up the metal pole and then enter the building. Use the metal pole to remove the dead animal (don’t forget the rubber gloves!) and restart the power plant by pressing the button. Then re-enter the lab to find out that you finally have power but still need the code for the door.

Future Proof - Endings Guide

Actually, you can skip this whole section. I will describe how you get the numbers for the code but if you have the code already from other sources (like this guide) you can use it without all the hassle. The code is 24149.

For the normal way: Talk to Roy to get the key to his house and enter it. In the bookshelf – like described by Roy – you will find the secret note (Pick Book #5, the one with yellow and blue). Go to the foto shack behind your house and switch on the red light. Read the note here again to get the additional hint, showing you the order of the numbers. For hint #1 you have to dig out the Tulips in the garden. The shovel you find in the shack which can be opened with the box cutter found nearby. Under the tulips you find a box => 4 is the number you search.

The second hint I just found out afterwards because I always overlooked the phone in Roy’s house. Just dial the number on his phone and a voice will tell you the number: 2.

The third hint is for Roy’s cat. You get this information by talking with him. You can meet the cat at the cat feeder at one o’clock (2 minutes before asteroid time). Look at the cat and find the number. It is 4 again.

The fourth hint refers to the carpet in the house. It shows a 7. While you are here, pick up the chicken. You ….. need it later.

The fifth hint is a nod for the chemical element carbon. Look at the periodic system of elements and you will find out the number you search is 6.

The sixth hint refers to Roy’s favourite drink. Talk to Roy and find out he likes Rasperry Cola. Sadly the drink is not sold anymore but with the note of the vendor machine in the city and the information on the board you will find out that the number you search is 9.

Now you just have to arrange them in order. The additional hint tells you the sequence:
#2 #3 #4-#5 #1 #6 . Combine the hints and you get 2 4 1 4 9. To the final part, the laboratory!

Future Proof - Endings Guide

Go downstairs and to the laser room with the monster and set the switch sequence to 1 and 4 down, and 2 and 3 up. Go to the basket and place down the chicken. Go back to the switches, reactivate number 1 and 4. Now deactivate shortly switch 2 and immediately reativate it. Now you are free to go further down.

Next you are faced with a horde of hairy animals. Your goal here is to get the cute ones to sleep. The note in the room tells you that they need their favourite song and a temperature of 77 °F. Set the thermostat to 25 °C and play the casette player after inserting tape S-189 (it can be found on the table lower right side). Now the animals sleep and can be shoved around. Figure out the puzzle alone or use the image as reference. As final step for this floor you have to find the error in the Sudoku puzzle which is the 2 in the square bottom right side.

Further down and more puzzles. You have now entered the portal room. If you switch off the light and remove the rag on the wall you can stepwise find the message Up 4 5 1 on the wall. So switch up the switches 4, 5 and 1 and down 2 and 3. And voila, the door has opened.

The next puzzle is more of an action sequence, not to difficult but you may die one or two times. First you have to use the switch on the lower right side and then pick up the gas mask on the top left side. There are four monsters in the room. One which is always moving and three others which move only if the room gets dark which happens all few seconds. Just keep your distance to them and you should be safe. Try to avoid to get cornered. After getting the mask enter the next room and equip the mask for obvious reason. You can go down to final level of the laboratory where you find the computer. Switch it on and solve the chess puzzle (move the tower to the top). Afterwards, all that is left is entering the password that Roy told you. And now you have finished this ending. Well, there is one final choice. Save yourself (and shooting yourself is NOT another ending, so dont do it). And on your way down you probably got some new ideas and hints for the other endings. As said in the beginning, ending #1 is pretty much a door opener for several other endings.

All or None (Thought Map – Alpha Complete)

This ending picks up pretty close to the first ending and still belongs to Thought Map Alpha. Images will follow soon.

  • Read to-do list and grocery shopping list to get info about secret computer room and telephone number 
  • Call number (555-7453) on Roy’s phone home and enter secret room 
  • Switch on light and start computer, solve chess problem by moving the queen to the left so it stands diagonally to the white king, find out you need password 
  • Go talk to Roy and ask about password (got this dialogue only once, it seems bugged). Find out the password starts with glo…., visit grave in garden to find out name of dead wife: Gloria, which is also the password 
  • Enter password and read entries: 
  • Picture of son 
  • Code for safe: 20 right, 28 left, 5 right 
  • Project Phoenix 
  • Story about his son and the time travel device and how to remove it 
  • Take monster trap and use it on cow in Sean’s garden, not necessary, why can I do this? 
  • Go down to laboratory and use safe code to get strange device, in there is also the key card for Thought Map Delta 
  • Use strange device to remove time travel implant 
  • Activate protocl Phoenix so the laser destroys the asteroid, you have to remove the device before as otherwise the time will loop again and you are unable to sacrifice yourself

Vault 8463 (Thought Map Beta)

This one took a while to figure out. It can be accessed quite fast but the information and hints for the ending are all over the place and at least one important hint is not directly associated while another one is really vague. So what are these informations and where can they be found?

Future Proof - Endings Guide

The puzzle chain begins in the house of the old man. On the table in the sleeping room you’ll find a foto with the title of ‘Project Greek Island’. By talking to Iris and the old man himself, Sean asks himself if the old man is calling for his son. However, a quick look at his will nearby clearly says that his son is called Simon. So who is Jack? The answer to this you find in Roy’s house in a nursery rhyme book and its content the tale of Jack and Jill. Noticeable is the “marked” word vinegar. As you are in Roy’s house anyway take the lubricant with you.

So far so good, but what now? Looking around you will find the note down in the laboratory as well as the newspaper in the abandoned factory. The final hint however is something which is not mentioned in the thought map and something you may have noticed earlier but not associated with this puzzle chain. Near the crazy man in the city you find a list of conspiracy theories. Noteworthy is the one about the classified facilities. So our new goal is the only public phone in the whole city, coincidentally standing in front of the factory.

Future Proof - Endings Guide

Before you go there pick up the quarter in the fountain. You need it to make your call. The last real hurdle is the correct phone number. Originally I thought the classified facility has to do something with the grass mowing note on the city board. But after associating the vault with project greek island I realized. The phone number is “Vinegar” or in numbers 8463427. A nearby sounds confirms your success. The last task is to get to the inner room of the factory if you haven’t been there before. Just use the lubricant on the rusted door, go to the next room and begin your descent to “Vault 8463” and safe the town’s folk.

S-Warrior (Thought Map – Charlie)

Regarding the puzzle aspect, this is one of the easier achievements. The highest difficulty comes from actually finding the two scroll parts which are more a matter of exploration than actual puzzle solving. While one of the halfs is on a place locked behind some other puzzles I will not count them here as they are part of another puzzle chain.

Future Proof - Endings Guide

The first part of the scroll can be found in the basement of Roy’s House. As this is not unlocked from the beginning you have to get access first. For this information please refer to section I as it is a major part of that puzzle chain. The second half of the scroll can be found in the city on a tree upper side utmost left. After you have both halfs the game will combine them automatically.

Future Proof - Endings Guide

Given here is a message and how to decode it. Basically you just have translate the letter doubles into single letters by drawing a line horizontally for the first and vertically for the second letter. The place they cross is the solution for the corresponding double. If you do this you will get the following message: “Three steps right of Guardian then up”. The Guardian is the knight statue in the back of your house. Just go there and follow the instructions. The marked row of trees can be passed reaching a new place. Basically, you can do this from the beginning and don’t need the scrolls. Still, one should know why he is running through the woods. Before (or also after) going into the void you have one final task left.

Future Proof - Endings Guide

Zen will teach you an advanced secret but not for free. He needs …. entertainment. Zen does not give you any hint on what he wants so you have to explore randomly the city. But if you understand the reference you will now upon picking the item up that you have the right one. This can be found in the red roofed house in the city (key to the door is in the blue box left of it). Go to the wardrobe and you will find a suitable item for bargaining. Then just go to Zen and start your training. Congratulations, you are now a “S-Warrior”.

Man’s Best Friend

If this ending is tied to any of the thought maps then I have missed it. But as there are only 9 maps available and 14 endings it is possible that some endings are just like this: random. The only “hint” you have here is common sense like the always present question “What to do with this item?”.

Future Proof - Endings Guide

In the house of the old man (city, top left corner) you will find a plunger under the sink. While some of the items also work aas equipment this is not the case here. So the most basic purpose of the plunger is …. to plunge. Doing some random plunging of toilets (or looking up this guide) you will end up in the red roofed house earlier or later. In here, you will receive a Toilet Key after cleaning the toilet.

Future Proof - Endings Guide

Your next job is to find out where to use the key. Luckily enough, the key works on the first building to the left of the red roofed house. If you started testing in the opposite direction … to bad. Entering there you will end in a pitch black room. You can use your shoe lights to get some illumination. Other than that just run to the upper right corner and go down the stairs.

Future Proof - Endings Guide

All the information you need to solve this screen is given on the note tucked to the pillar. What you have to do is running down all the multiples of the presented numbers. So you start with 5 10 15 …. 55, then 6 12 …. 66, then 7 14 21 and finally the multiples of 8 and 9. Make sure to hit every field as sequence breaking will be punished with death. At the end you will get over to the other side. Go through the door and cross the next field. You can’t do much wrong here as long as you don’t step on the obviously evil red field. So cross the field and go through the next door to meet “Man’s best friend.”

Universe D-321 (Thought Map – Foxtrot)

This is with certainity the fastest reachable ending in the whole game. In fact, this ending is only reachable by being fast. There are no items involved at all. Just you being at the correct place at the correct time. And this is the actually trick here. Because normally, you wouldn’t be there at the correct time if playing normally. So how to figure out?

Future Proof - Endings Guide

The thought map for this ending does not have many informations because they are not needed. The first piece of information is a blue map you’ll find in Roy’s house which tells you the location of the people – directly behind Roy’s house. The tricky part is that the moment you obtain the map it is already to late and you are in a stage of the game where you usually skip earlier puzzles which – in fact – leads again to you being to late. While one can assume this and find out the correct time by themselves the game will actually give you the information for the exact time in one of the lower laboratory level. So yea ….. all you have to do is start a new loop and run as fast as possible to the portal behind Roy’s house. The time on the screenshot (11:38) is actually the very last second the portal is open. Just be quick and you will find your way to Universe D-321.

To the Moon VIII (Thought Map – Hotel)

This one is actually quite the easy achievement. The biggest problem is finding all the cards which are hidden in the city. Especially the last one is difficult as it is located rather deep in the laboratory. But let us start in the beginning.

Future Proof - Endings Guide

Near the crazy guy in the city you will find the entrance to the basement. In there you will find: a note, a playing card and a 5-digit lock pad. Our first quest is to get all five cards. These are the locations:

  • Directly beside the note in the basement of the crazy guide 
  • In the house of the old man upper left side of the city 
  • In Roy’s house near the toilet 
  • Neat the Power Plant 
  • First level of the laboratory hidden in the dark

After getting all cards you will notice that they are all heart cards. Basic poker knowledge or the note in the southern area adverse to the factory will tell you that this is called a flush. With the usage of the note from the beginning this will translate to 16380. Enter it in the lockpad, enter the room and read the note. As you can’t interact otherwise, leave the room, go outside and talk again to the crazy guy. Impressed by your deductive abilities he will tell you that he is called Charlie and will fly you to the Moon in order to stop Hitler. Yes. …. really.

Future Proof - Endings Guide

You are now on the Moon. The good thing is that you have no time limit anymore and that you get some basic items from Charlie. The rest of the items you need you find in the room (a green and a yellow light bulb, two large red keys and a small brown key I had no usage for) in addition with a german instruction on how to activate the self-destruction. If you speak german, lucky for you, if not you still have the in-game translator note. Basically, you have to arrange the light bulbs in order: red, white, green, yellow. Then you insert the four red keys into the pad and turn them right, right, left, up. The next step is to enter the password which is a scrambled variant of the one in the manual. The solution is “shutdown”. Enter the code and as final step activate the self-destruct button. Congratulations, you just had a trip “To the Moon VIII” and own against Cyborg Hitler!

Alt + F4

And another quick ending without a thought map. Well, technically it is probably one of the longest endings although for an inconvenient reason. At least it is easy.

Future Proof - Endings Guide

While traversing the park you have probably seen the note tucked on the tree concerning a Yoga course. The very first time I saw the note I already saw the hidden message you get by vertically reading: “Push Finch 102”. The only questions have been who is Finch and what is 102? Going to the northern area you see a broken statue which you can push (but nothing happens) with laf a description Bradley. While it seemed obvious at that point, you should always double check in Greensvale. Confirmation can be found on the note for Founder’s Day near the abandoned factory: Bradley Finch, Town Founder.

Future Proof - Endings Guide

Still, the statue won’t budge. At first I though I need an item or help by someone. But the solution is far easier. The 102 is a time stamp, 1 o’clock and 2 minutes or in in-game time: one minute remaining. And indeed, after the timer ticks down far enough the broken statue can be pushed. Just go down and push the button. What could possibly go wrong, “Alt + F4”.

The Upside Down (Thought Map – Echo)

This has been the first ending I have discovered. The obvious reason for this is that it is reaalllyy easy to obtain. No complicate puzzles, no search for specific items or locations (more or less). Everything accesible from the start and no running around.

Future Proof - Endings Guide

You have to make your way to the nothern area (laboratory, power plant). While going there you will pass by the park and the baseball field. As you are here already take the chance and pick up the baseball. Next, visit the abandoned building down left corner in the nothern area.

Future Proof - Endings Guide

Inside there, pick up the portrait and place it over that “suspicious” shade on the wall. Doing this will result in a trapdoor being opened which you will go down.

Future Proof - Endings Guide

You are now already in the final part of this puzzle chain. If you get here the first time you will most likely die by the slowly fading screen (mixed with some child-like laughter). But as you come prepared you can avoid this tragic destiny. Just follow the advice on the ground and break the mirror by throwing the baseball at it. As a result a portal will open. Just go through it and your world will be “Upside down”. As note: There is a sword besides the portal which you can pick up. It will change one line in the ending. Other than that I have not noticed anything.

Cheating is Always the Answer

And another random ending. I haven’t found any relation to one of the thought maps. As such it is one of the 4 random endings as I call them. Again not very difficult, just a tiny bit of exploration.

Future Proof - Endings Guide

Chances are that you have run across the park five times already without ever noticing the hidden key on the lower screen side. If you have: good eyes. If not, this is what a guide is for. Upon inspecting – before picking up or in the item screen – you will get the notice that the key is for the public toilets which can be found in the middle of the city.

Future Proof - Endings Guide

Enter it and you will find a not with several cheat codes on the wall advers to the enty. Don’t be irritated by the gaping hole on my screenshot. I took the picture after picking up the note and was to lazy to make a new one. Well, the list alone doesn’t help you much, you also need a suitable device.

Future Proof - Endings Guide

This can be found in the red roofed house (again) on the table upper left side. While all codes are working you only need the WINWIN code to find out that “Cheating is always the answer”. If you have the spare minute you can also test out the rest of the codes in order to enhance your gaming experience 😛 Obviously do the death code last or not all.

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