Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 – Infinite Substitutions

In this manual, I will tell you about the secret technique of endless substitutions. It will help you in combat, especially against spammers.

So, Young Shinobi, Now You Will Learn Forbidden Technique

So, now I’m telling you about the secret technique of endless substitutions. In theory, everything is obvious, you need to press the substitution in time and immediately apply the chakra jerk, but in practice all this is difficult to turn out and for the perfect performance will have to try in training mode.

The essence of this technique is the following: When taking damage, our character uses a substitute
and at the next moment of time we deal the spurt of the chakra, thanks to which the replacement does not have time to spend, and the blow has already passed through the character as if he used kamui.

That’s all, now you know the secret of endless substitutions.

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