MoonQuest – Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Basic tips for MoonQuest!

Your Main Quest

Collect moonstones

The main quest in this game is to find moonstones to power the Moonmachine. One is found High up, the other is underground. On your way you may discover artifacts that unlock more characters.

Activate moon machine

Once you have attained the moonstones, return to solomons abode and activate the moon machine.

Navigating the World

How to move between areas

In MoonQuest, you enter new areas by right clicking on doors or sign posts.

Fast travel

Make sure you find the obelisks to save a fast travel location. when you right click on them you are able to go to any of the previously found obelisk locations.

If you are stuck

If you dont know where to go, look for doors. there are usually a few in the forest just under the surface. Some rooms have multiple doors that lead to different areas.

Tips to Start Out

Find the town

Try and locate the town, its often found via the forest for beginner characters. There you can craft all manner of things!

Kill pink slugs!

If you find stoneslugs, kill em’. you can get sharpstone which is great for making basic tools.

Throw stuff out!

You can’t repair items so just chuck em out.


Get wood if you can find it, it makes simple tools like shovels and hammers. these are great for getting through the inital terrain like stone and soil.

Dig a little

Dig just below the surface of the forest to find materials and chests, here you may even find some more advanced ores!

Get a compass

To aid a beginners journey, you might want to craft a compass to point to the direction of doors in game. Take 1 x silver ingot and 1 x mechansm (1 x gold ingot and 1 x iron ingot) to a mechanical toolbench to make it.

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