Groove Coaster – Item Guide

This guide will tell you what are the items that are available in the game and show you what those items for.


This guide will show you items that are available in the game and show you what it is used for.
There are no items that are capable of increasing score.

Minimal Effect Items

These items have minimal effect on the gameplay itself.

No Info

  • In-game description: Displays including GAUGE, RATING, and SCORE become invisible.
  • Cost: 100 GC

Useful for removing everything other than the targets, character, and the line itself.
(You can still see the judgement from the flashes your character make when hitting a target).

Music Player

  • In-game description: Plays song correctly regardless of performance.
  • Cost: 100 GC

If you haven’t noticed yet, when you make a miss or doing a hold late, some part of the song might be silenced, this item negates it. Useful if you want to record the music directly in the game without playing it. (I don’t know any other use this item can be used for really)

Assist Items

These items will help you on your gameplay.

Safe and Super Safe

  • In-game description: Converts a MISS to GOOD up to 10/20 Times.
  • Cost – Safe: 1,000 GC (Covers 10 MISS)
  • Cost – Super Safe: 4,000 GC (Covers 20 MISS)

It is pretty self explanatory, it will cover any MISS you make to GOOD so it doesn’t ruin your chain, higher chain means higher score. It can also help you to FULL CHAIN a song by covering any hard part of a song that you can’t do (provided it doesn’t exceed the item use itself) and cover you from silly mistakes while attempting to do so. You can use it to help you CLEAR a song, but it’s not recommended to do so as these items cost a lot (especially Super Safe) and you will be much better clearing a song without it.

Perfect Player

  • In-game description: Replay the complete song including AD-LIBs regardless of results.
  • Cost: 1,000 GC 

This is like the Music Player but with additional abilities, that is to detect AD-LIBs.
For now, this is the only item in the game that can tell you where the AD-LIBs are.
This item show AD-LIBs with a sound cue (The AD-LIB sound effect itself), so it’s best used by hearing the song only so you can focus finding the location of the AD-LIBs.
It is useful when you are trying to FULL CHAIN a song, but stuck with AD-LIBs that hides and you just can’t find them.

If you want to save GC, you can just search the song name and add Groove Coaster at the end of it, there’s usually videos of pros that already FULL CHAIN (even PERFECT) the song. Which means they already found all the AD-LIBs.

Challenge Items

These item increases difficulty of the gameplay, useful for additional challenge when you think the game is not hard enough.


  • In-game description: ALL but GREAT timing become a miss.
  • Cost: 100 GC 

With this item, you will have to aim for GREAT judgement. (Any other judgement like COOL and GOOD will be counted as a miss). This item won’t help you PERFECT a song by making it easier, it will only tell you if you got COOL or GOOD by making it miss.

Written by Kuroneko

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