Phoenix Dynasty 2 – Glorious Moon Event


Mischievous Mashimaros have stolen all the villagers’ crescent rolls! The commonfolk of Azuria need heroes to teach them a lesson! Catch these troublesome bunnies on the world maps and gulp down the crescent rolls before they do! These crescent rolls also contain a variety of rewards for you!

How to join the event

These naughty crescent roll thieves have been spotted feasting on their loot in Zhen Pass, Canglan Kingdom, and Green Valley! Hurry up and catch’em all!

What to do with the crescent rolls

There are three types of crescent rolls: egg rolls, bean rolls, and rolls with lotus seeds. All you need to do is find all the types of crescent rolls, right-click on them in your inventory, and enjoy the valuable rewards you will receive in return.

Lucky Little Star

All the vile spirits that broke out of the Demon Tower and then got killed by Azurians without holding the Seal Vase are back! Disguised as cute little kids, they are waiting on the world maps to play mind tricks on you!

How to join the event

These incorrigible little entities can be found around Jiangdu, Zhen Pass, Canglan Kingdom, Green Valley, and Sword Mountain and are ready to ask you their mind-boggling questions. If you get the correct answers, you will defeat these spirits once again and receive lots of Gold and EXP in return!

If you trust your knowledge and instincts, find the Lucky Little Stars on the four world maps and send them back to the Demon Tower.

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